New Amor Luminis Shampoo Bars

Feb 17, 2019by Jacqui - F&F

Wanting to make some eco-friendly changes in 2019 but not sure what to do once you’ve swapped the basics? How about shampoo and condiitioner bars?

Introducing Amor Luminis!


Amor Luminis are the creators of beautiful shampoo and conditioner bars that are great for all hair types. With 7 shampoos and 4 conditioners, we have something that will suit your specific hair type. We’ve tried & tested them ourselves, and we’re big fans! Read on as we discuss some common questions about transitioning to shampoo and conditioner bars.

The entire Amor Luminis range is….

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Free of SLS, parabens, phthalates
  • pH balanced
  • Eco-friendly
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Zero waste
  • Derived from natural, renewable and certified biodegradable raw materials
  • Certified Organic
  • GMO free


What are shampoo and conditioner bars?

They are zero waste alternatives to bottled shampoo and conditioner. They last for months and are a fantastic plastic free alternative for your hair care routine.


How do you use a shampoo or conditioner bar?

Using a shampoo and conditioner bar is really simple and can be used two different ways. The first way is to rub the bar between your hands to create a lather and apply the soap to your hair. You can also apply the bar directly to your hair by swiping the bar along the lengths of wet hair 3-4 times. After this, massage your scalp and allow to sit for 2-3 minutes before washing out.


How do I choose a shampoo and conditioner bar that’s right for me?

Our new Amor Luminis range have 7 different shampoos and 4 brilliant conditioners for different hair types. They also work well on coloured hair and require no transition phase from your existing liquid shampoo and conditioner hair care routine.

For best results, we suggest picking a shampoo and conditioner based on your current hair condition.





  • Talia - Normal
  • Lola - Fine to Very Fine, Oily
  • Purple - Toning & Brightening for Blondes
  • Magenta Bloom - Dry to Very Dry, Thick and curly


What happens when my conditioner becomes so small that I can’t use them directly on my hair?

When your conditioner bar is near the end of its life, don’t throw them away. We suggest putting the remaining bar (around 2 to 3 grams) in 15 to 30 ml of boiled cooled water or distilled water and let sit for around 1 hour. After an hour, a thick liquid will form and you’ll be able to use this as liquid conditioner. We suggest using this liquid mixture within 10 days and only with Amor Luminis conditioners.


I have a sensitive scalp, will I have a reaction?

The Amor Luminis range is designed with extremely gentle and naturally derived ingredients, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. As with any new product you start using, we suggest doing a patch test before use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Where do I store my shampoo and conditioner bars?

We believe that the best place to store your shampoo and conditioner bars is on a wooden soap dish out of the shower. By storing on a soap dish, you allow the soap bar to dry properly in between uses and therefore increases the longevity of your bars.


Can I travel with my shampoo and conditioner bars?

Yes! Shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for travelling. Simply pop them in a container and into your toiletry bag. With bars, there’s no need to worry about bottle lids opening or spilling through your bag, making it a wonderful waste-free travel solution.


I regularly dye my hair blonde, can I use these?

Yes, we have specific Blonde Toning Shampoo and Conditioner bars by Amor Luminis. These bars are suitable for daily use and for any hair condition. For paler colours including grey and ashy blondes, you will see results after the first use. For those with darker tones, it may take a few washes before you begin to see results.


How long will my shampoo and conditioner bar last?

Your shampoo and conditioner bars weigh about 60g and will last between 36 - 48 washes.


Do they contain palm oil?

The conditioner bars and shampoo bars contain two ingredients that can be derived from Canola, Coconut or Palm Oil. Amor Luminis use suppliers that focus on canola and coconut but that source can change and so they, and we, cannot guarantee palm oil derivatives aren't used. 

 You can find the Amor Luminis Shampoo & Conditioner bars online now at F&F, along with our entire range of shampoo bars.

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