Our Handwritten Notes

It all started with a note......

In November 2014 Flora & Fauna launched and we received a few orders, mostly from our wonderful family and friends - this marked the beginning of an incredible journey.

From the very first order, we wanted to include a personal note in each of your boxes. As an online store, we might not get to meet you face-to-face, but this is our way of sending you a warm hello, brightening your day, and adding that extra touch of care to your box of goodies.

We've now written over 2,000,000 notes - even during the challenging times of Covid in March 2020. With a backlog of orders, we knew that spreading a little extra joy was more important than ever!

Our first notes were written on a little card in the box and then in 2017 we moved to minimal packaging so started writing our notes on the inside lid of the box.

Same note, same joy, just less waste.

"My favourite thing about ordering from here is the handwritten & personalised, short message on the inside of the box!"

"My heartfelt thanks to all of your love notes on my deliveries. Love you all"