Flora & Flora's 2021 Recap!

Dec 24, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Despite 2021 throwing us a curveball, we managed to do some pretty exciting things this year! Read on to find out more...

Cheeki Insulated Water Bottle 600ml - PinkCheeki Insulated Water Bottle 600ml - Pink

Our Office Team Works From Home!

Like many of you, the covid restrictions meant that our office team had to work from home. We are super grateful that our warehouse team could continue picking and packing your orders to bring you some joy whilst being in lockdown!

Our team was amazing at accepting the challenges of working from home head on and would regularly catch up with each other on zoom. This sparked the need for our Tune In Segment. We also introduced a few new team members throughout lockdown and are happy to say we have finally all now met each other face-face.

F&F's First Ever Brand CampaignF&F's First Ever Brand Campaign

F&F First-Ever Brand Campaign - 'Surprisingly Better'

This year, we were so excited to launch our first-ever brand campaign! You may have seen us on 9 Now, 7 Plus, Ten Play or Foxtel. The campaign focus was 'Everyday Eco. Surprisingly Different.' The reasoning for this, is because we wanted to share how brilliant our eco options are. Some alternatives you may have never seen before or may have been skeptical to try, as it's a bit different to what you see everyday. But once you try our eco alternatives, you'll have discovered it was surprisingly better! Like our Shampoo Bars and Tooth Tabs

We were also super excited to be on Hope 103.2 radio talking everything eco! You may have been lucky enough to win on the radio and grabbed some wonderful goodies with our vouchers.

Flora & Fauna New LogoFlora & Fauna New Logo

Brand Logo & Website Update

Now this one you might have missed... we gave our brand a bit of a refresh! 

As you can see from the image on the left, it's a little bit of the game — spot the difference. Our colours have changed in the slightest, our 'fl' link together now, the '&' symbol has changed and our 'a' symbol has changed too. 

To match the theme of our logo, the colours on our website have changed slightly and we made the navigation even easier for you to find the products you love.

Our F&F AmbassadorsOur F&F Ambassadors

Welcomed Our Official F&F Ambassadors

Ambassadors are totally new for us at F&F. So in October, we put the call out to you — our wonderful customers who share our values and already love and support us!

We had over 300 applications and are so appreciative of everyone who applied. You have probably seen our ambassadors pop up on our socials from time to time. They are all amazing humans who are helping our planet, people and animals. 

You'll see more of our ambassadors across social media and more in the New Year. We can't wait!

Upcycle Toys To Help Children This ChristmasUpcycle Toys To Help Children This Christmas

Surprisingly Better Christmas Campaign

This Campaign was created, with the intention to weigh out the number of toys going into landfill vs. the number of families who can't afford toys for their children at Christmas.

In addition to these large numbers, we also recognised the harsh impact covid has had on families too. With our wonderful Recycling Program already in place, we thought why not extend this, to upcycle kids toys and help bring some joy to children at Christmas. 

We absolutely loved visiting our partners, The Peninsular Senior Citizens Toy Repair Group and seeing these real life elves (as we like to call them) in action. It was also very heart-warming to see our other partners, We Care Connect rehome these toys to families who need them most.

F&F 2021 ImpactF&F 2021 Impact

Our 2021 Impact

This year, with your help, we raised a total of $8,179 for four wonderful charities: Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, Greenfleet, Down Syndrome Australia and HeartKids. 

Again, with your help, we were able to recycle 2,500kg as part of our Recycle and Save Program

We are proudly Carbon Offset, and this year we offset 178.6 tonnes of CO2-e. But what does carbon offset mean? Basically, it's balancing out our own carbon footprint. So to balance our offset, we planted 890 trees (trees absorb carbon dioxide). Now when you receive your parcel you'll know the carbon produced to get it to you has been offset

You can read more about our 2021 impact here.

Flora & Fauna ValuesFlora & Fauna Values

Fun Facts

  • How many km have our warehouse team walked picking orders? Our warehouse team have walked approximately 3700km, which is about the same distance to Perth!
  • How many cages total were filled up with orders? About 1400 cages, which is about 1.4km high and can be compared to 4.5 x height of Centre Point tower or 28 x height of the harbour bridge!
  • How many handwritten notes were written? 225,000!

Thank you for being a big part of our journey and helping to make the world a kinder place, whether you swapped out plastic for sustainable options, chose to reuse, ate more plant-based meals, recycled with us, started your own compost, or are just starting out. Change, no matter how big or small, is still change! 

Keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting things to come in the new year!

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