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Meet our team


Experience creator

Julie is the Founder of Flora & Fauna. She is one driven individual when it comes to our planet, animals and making a difference.

Her favourite food is avo on toast, she loves being out in nature, taking Woody for bush walks, and she's always across the latest reality TV series. 


Gets stuff done

Tom is our CGSDO (Chief of 'Getting Stuff Done' Officer); he loves his processes.

Tom also loves trains, Star Wars and music. In his youth, he was in a band and is a pretty good pianist. Tom's favourite food is anything from Suzy Spoons.


Chief Milk Drinker

Woody is our resident F&F Baby, drinker of milk and overseer of team meetings. He sleeps on the job a lot... but we don't mind, cos he's cute.


A little bit of this and that

Laura is our Content & Design Manager, and keeps you all updated with what's happening at F&F across social media and our website. She also designed our shop! 

Her hobbies include listening to true crime podcasts, watching Netflix & eating. She's never met a potato she didn't like. 


The Voice

Breanne is our superstar Operations Support Manager and lover of all things cruelty-free She’s a keen camper, hiker and birdwatcher, and has lived in Sydney for 2 years (she’s originally from Western Australia).

She has a beautiful rescue Kelpie called Billie, whom we all love and adore, and 2 gorgeous Love Birds.


Emma Wiggles Biggest Fan

Nick is our wonderful Trading Manager, he works hard on securing promotions and offers to keep our lovely customers happy, and he keeps things ticking along on our website.

He's a fantastic swimmer, and teaches swimming as well. In the office he can generally be found listening to music from musicals on his headphones (whilst working of course!)


Dr. Dolittle

Scott is a member of our wonderful warehouse team and looks after all of the new stock that arrives at F&F.

Scott is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and we really admire that he fosters little kittens when they’re in need of some TLC, helping them to find their fur-ever home (you may remember those 3 cute kittens we posted about on our social accounts earlier this year!


The Cake Fairy

Ash is part of our amazing warehouse team and she picks, packs and ships your orders.

She’s a caring vegan, has a pet parrot named Yoda and has been at F&F for just over 10 months. Fun Fact: Ash is a very conscious consumer; she doesn’t fall for fast fashion trends and only buys clothing second hand. We love her dedication to ethical fashion! She also makes us the most wonderful Vegan cakes and cookies almost weekly! 


Customer Carer

Lauren is new to the team, and works with Breanne looking after all our wonderful customers. 

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