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Meet our team


Experience creator

Julie is the Founder of Flora & Fauna. She is one driven individual when it comes to our planet, animals and making a difference.

Her favourite food is avo on toast, she loves being out in nature, taking Woody for bush walks, and she's always across the latest reality TV series. 


Gets stuff done

Tom is our CGSDO (Chief of 'Getting Stuff Done' Officer); he loves his processes.

Tom also loves trains, Star Wars and music. In his youth, he was in a band and is a pretty good pianist. Tom's favourite food is anything from Suzy Spoons.


Chief Product Tester

Woody is our first resident F&F Baby, drinker of milk, and overseer of team meetings. He sleeps on the job a lot... but we don't mind, cos he's cute. 

He's an excellent big brother and chief product tester as he is always the first to try out our new baby gear.

He loves his bouncer and sets daily bounce records, has some very sharp teeth, and is brilliant at throwing - a goalie career beckons! 


The Cake Fairy

Ash started as one of our warehouse team leaders and is now our new e-commerce coordinator! She still helps out in the warehouse and keeps it running so we can get your orders to you. She's a caring vegan, has a small herd of guinea pigs, a parrot named Yoda, and has been at F&F for almost 3 years.

Ash is a very conscious consumer; she doesn't fall for fast fashion trends and only buys clothing second hand. We love her dedication to ethical fashion! Ash is studying food science and nutrition at uni, and she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and veganising recipes.


Ultimate Team Player

Lauren is part of our wonderful customer care team here at F&F. You may have spoken to Lauren on the phone, in-store or caught her on our live chat!

She loves jigsaw puzzles, her indoor garden, dancing and she's quite the whizz at Ultimate Frisbee! She is also a new mum to a beautiful kitty named Bruno. 


Young F&F Padawan

Alfie is the youngest member of the F&F Team, being 15 months old - yes he is a pandemic baby! 

He loves hanging out with his older brother, Woody, and has just started to walk so gets into a lot of mischief! His favourite word is no!



Sporty Gal

Gabby is part of our warehouse team and our social media team so we keep her pretty busy here at F&F! 

She is great at rounding people up for pictures, creating content that you might see on our Instagram & Facebook and does everything with a smile! 

Outside of work Gabby is pretty sporty and loves playing field hockey, netball, dirtbiking and soccer! She's also a keen camper and loves being out in the great outdoors.

Her favourite food is ice cream and her favourite place she's ever been is Vanuatu! 


The Warehouse Mum 

Jen's title is pretty self explanatory, but for those of you who haven't met her, she is so helpful, kind and caring and always so welcoming to new team members. If you have a question, Jen is always happy to help! Jen's just started working in our F&F store so you might see her if you pop into the shop! 

Outside of work, Jen is a mother of 3 including our lovely Gabby! She's a gym junkie and sticks to a pretty healthy diet during the week, but loves a glass of wine on weekends! 


Ray of Sunshine

Sian is the loveliest new ray of sunshine on our team. She seriously brightens our days with her positive attitude and willingness to help anyone with anything!

She's currently finishing her Masters in Social & Public Policy. She loves reading, writing, going to the gym, bushwalking with friends and scuba diving!  She has two rescue dogs named Sammy and Frodo and her favourite thing to eat is strawberries. She also loves to travel and her favourite place she's even been is Komodo National Park in Indonesia. 


Warehouse Master

Scott is a member of our wonderful warehouse team and looks after all of the new stock that arrives at F&F.

Scott is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and we really admire that he fosters little kittens when they’re in need of some TLC, helping them to find their fur-ever home (you may remember those 3 cute kittens we posted about on our social accounts earlier this year!


Macrame Queen

Jodie has been part of our beautiful warehouse team for just under a year. She is great at keeping everyone on tasks and making sure the warehouse is spick and span. 

Outside of work, Jodie is a mother of 2 beautiful kids. Enjoys being outside in nature and has a really cool macrame side hustle! 


Compost Guru

Liam joined the F&F team a few weeks ago and is super quick at picking and packing your orders, with love of course!

Outside of work, Liam loves bush walks, composting and gardening and is also a music teacher! He's been vegan for 2 years and has a great love for the environment.


Sock Collector 

This lovely girl has just joined our warehouse team and is a very quick learner. No job is too hard for Bethany to tackle! 

Outside of work, Bethany studies architecture and has a great interest in sustainable design. She has rescued lots of animals including hens, dogs, kittens and more. Her favourite food is Indian food and she can't say no to a block of chocolate! 



Megan is brand new to our warehouse team and was a customer of F&F before she joined our team. We love her positive attitude and ability to pick things up quickly!

Outside of work, she's studying liberal arts and plays the violin. She has spent over 2 years on combined trips travelling America in her family's RV. With her immense love of travel, her dream is to be a travel journalist one day and we can't think of a better job for Megan! 


Nature Lover

Caitlin has just joined warehouse team and F&F and she's a speedy little packer and writes the best notes in our boxes!

Outside of work, she's quite the nature lover, and loves feeding all of the native birds that visit her house - a family of magpies, cockatoos, lorikeets and king parrots. 

She's studying anthropology at uni, and her favourite food is chocolate spiders (crispy noodles + crunchy peanut butter, coated in chocolate). 


Adventurous Spirit / Dare Devil

Kylie is part of our wonderful warehouse team and makes sure that everyone is always up to speed and is always happy to give a helping hand. 

Outside of work, Kylie is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves snowboarding, skydiving and bungee jumping! 

Her favourite food is ice cream! She also loves her little fur baby, Milo. 

Jess G 

Animal Sanctuary Volunteer

Jess has been part of the team for quite a while now and is pretty much part of the furniture at F&F! 

She is so welcoming to new team members which is one of the reasons we love her so much. She's a veteran vegan and spends lots of time volunteering at our favourite farm sanctuary Where Pigs Fly! 

She's a fantastic artist and loves painting. She loves nature, animals and photography. Her favourite foods are smoothie bowls and vegan Sheppard's Pie, yum! Her favourite place to travel is South America (Peru) and Third World Countries because she loves the beauty in having nothing but enjoying the simple things in life.


Sci-Fi Book Lover

Melaine joined our team this past March and has picked up things very quickly! She is very friendly and always up for a chat in the kitchen. 

Outside of work, Melanie  is quite active and loves playing netball and running marathons! She spends lots of time reading epic sci-fi book series, playing  The Sims 3 and hanging out with her dog, Jimmy! 

She loves a good chai latte, especially if it's strong! 


Movie Lover

Reiss is brand new to our warehouse team and is already friends with everyone! He is a very friendly guy, picks things up very quickly and we often hear him jamming out to the tunes playing in the warehouse. 

Outside of work, Reiss loves relaxing, kicking back watching movies and looooves his sleep! He has 2 dogs named Lexi & Barney and a collection of over 400 matchbox cars! His favourite place in the world is Venice, Italy.


Baked Potato Lover

Maria just started working with us in the warehouse and is an absolue ray of sunshine! She has a very sweet an gentle nature and is always up for a chat. 

Outside of work, she loves binge watching tv shows (like the rest of us) and is a huge fan of the show Avatar The Last Airbender - she even has a tattoo of the language! She's also a huge LOTR fan.

Her favourite food is baked potatoes (of course) and she loves an espresso martini. She's recently started doing aerial silks to help overcome her fear of heights. 



Competitive Swimmer

Ramita has been part of our team for almost 2 years. She's a competitive swimmer, and before COVID she was competing quite at a lot! During school, F&F has been her weekend job, but now that she's finished school, we get to see Ramita a lot more during the week, which we love! 

She's been vegan for 4 years for the animals and is a huge animal lover! She has an adorable dog named Chokito who's a Kelpie Rottweiler. Her favourite food is vegan sushi and her favourite place to travel to is Hawaii!


TikTok Wizard

Matt's the newest member of our team. He just graduated uni with an environmental science degree and has a passion for all things eco-friendly. He likes puzzles, escape rooms, riddles and all things cognitive. He's a TikTok wizard and makes a lot of our videos here at F&F. If you're lucky, you might have got a cool drawing and message from him in one of your boxes!


Eco Journalist

Liv is our fabulous blog writer here at F&F and she actually lives in SA so fun fact, we've never met face-to-face, but she's a very big part of our team. On top of being a fantastic writer, Liv is extremely passionate about the environment and also writes for Greenpeace Australia. She just graduated Uni with a degree in journalism & international relations, she is quite the smart cookie! Outside of work, she's a huge closet nerd and is obsessed with LOTR, open-world video games, and anything fantasy-related! She loves camping, being near the ocean, Korean food and can’t live without her homemade vegan kimchi! She's also been vegan for 5 years!


Top-Notch Dude 

Harry's been a part of our warehouse team for about 5 months now and is an absolute joy to work with. He's a super easy-going bloke and is currently studying animation and majoring in 3D modelling! Harry also plays the bass guitar, loves to read and especially loves philosophy books! He's found his people here with the night crew and is very much part of the furniture, so we think we'll keep him! 

Top Sustainable Retailer | Flora & FaunaTop Sustainable Retailer | Flora & Fauna
Telstra Business Award Winner | Flora & FaunaTelstra Business Award Winner | Flora & Fauna
Responsible Retailer of the Year | Flora & FaunaResponsible Retailer of the Year | Flora & Fauna
Best Small Retailer | Flora & FaunaBest Small Retailer | Flora & Fauna
No. 1 Person in Ecommerce | Flora & FaunaNo. 1 Person in Ecommerce | Flora & Fauna
Best Online Retailer | Flora & FaunaBest Online Retailer | Flora & Fauna

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