We share information and educate as much as we can. We do not have all the answers but we make sure we help you make better choices and reduce your impact which is not always about buying new things. We're big fans of handy tips and tricks. 

We focus on low impact products and send our parcels out with plastic-free minimal packaging. We have been doing this for 4 years and have saved over 20 tonnes of unnecessary packaging by doing so. 

We also offset the carbon from all our orders, our operations, and even our team's cars!

We have a recycling program with TerraCycle where customers can return beauty packaging to us to be recycled. We have saved several tonnes of packaging from going to landfill. 

We have made our warehouse paper-free so no packing slips are printed and everything is managed digitally. That means you don't receive any unnecessary paper. 

We work with Sea Shepherd to help raise much-needed fund for them so they can help protect our oceans. We sell their merchandise and frequently raise funds for them. 


Everything at Flora & Fauna is vegan and cruelty-free. We don't believe animals or their by-products need to be used in products so everything at F&F is 100% vegan. We also don't believe anything needs to be tested on animals so we don't stock products that are tested on animals, sold physically in countries that test on animals or have a parent company that tests on animals. As a result we have discontinued a few brands if they have been bought by a company that does test on animals. 

We work closely with Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary to raise money for them and also sell their products. Where Pigs Fly is an animal sanctuary in The Lower Hunter Valley with plenty of animals they have given forever homes too. 


We believe inclusion and diversity are key to everyday living. 1 in 5 Australians have a disability, or as we like to say, a different ability. We want to see a workplace that reflects the wonderful richness that we have in the world and the different abilities of people. It's something we ensure happens at F&F and we support those who need it. At F&F many of our team have special abilities and we embrace it and ensure we are one team. We have zero-tolerance for exclusion. 

Our very own F&F baby, Woody, has Down Syndrome so we raise funds for Down Syndrome Australia and also highlight how important it is to break down barriers that should never exist. As a result, you will see Woody a lot on our F&F social media.