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Meet Our F&F Ambassadors

We are so excited to introduce you to our amazing F&F Ambassadors. We put the call out for ambassadors to you (our customers), as we want to celebrate those who already love us and where values truly align. So really we're introducing you to just a few of our customers. They are all amazing humans helping our planet, people and animals and we're so excited they chose to be part of our journey, we're delighted to be part of theirs. You'll see more of our ambassadors across social media and more.


Jet is an actor and martial artist. If you're a Marvel fan, you might have recognised her from Thor: Ragnarok as Valkeryie Sister. Jet is known to never back down from a challenge, performing all her stunts in her latest action film: Occupation Rainfall. Jet also loves the gym and preps vegan meals for a bunch of people over the weekend.

Jet's passion for sustainability started when she became vegan and more aware of where our food and products come from. For her, it started with a week of kindness, to which she was quick to realise it was easier than what she thought! Now when Jet sees an animal she see's them as a friend, not food.


Claudia is a Melbourne graphic designer, photographer and fellow Earth Guardian. She loves to adventure on hikes and take photos of nature to show everyone how beautiful our home planet is. She also loves getting dirty in the garden, creating paintings and sews too!

As she made the change to a more sustainable way of living, she started The Green Logic on instagram to help educate people on how important it was to adjust our consumption to sustainable products and habits. 


Trelawney is passionate about sharing how fun, easy and great living a vegan and ecofriendly lifestyle can be. She wants the world to know that there is nothing boring about vegan food. 

Trelawney has been vegan for around four years and loves to eat good, cruelty free food. As she has progressed in her vegan journey she has focused on being mindful about consumerism and making sustainable choices in fashion, health, beauty and home cleaning purchases. 

Trelawney has a professional background in communications and photography. In her spare time she loves visiting vegan cafes and spending time with her rescue dog and cats. 


Alicia is super passionate about nutrition! In fact she is currently studying Health Science, with a desire to teach everyone how important diet and lifestyle is to nurture your body and promote longevity.

Outside of studying, Alicia absolutely loves cooking and baking. She wants to show the world how simple, accessible and delicious plant based eating can be!

She’s also an avid yogi, making practice each day, non-negotiable. She loves the way it connects with her body and affirms the deep love and care that it deserves.


Emily is the Sydney Vegan Guide rep.

Her favourite thing about Flora & Fauna is our passion to make the world a kinder place. "Oh - and their range of chocolate, too," she says.

In her spare time, you can find Em playing her guitar, sharing her love of veganism through writing & photography, and drinking lots of earl grey tea. She is a Brit after all!


Emma is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and aims to empower others to feel more confident in making conscious choices to better our world.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and uses her knowledge to share practical tips and advice about how to work towards a low waste, ethical lifestyle and she focuses on how these changes can be socially and financially accessible for everyone. 

Emma prides herself on how she shares her sustainability journey in an imperfect, authentic and genuine way on her Instagram platform and wants to encourage others to do what they can to replace their habits with ones that are more sustainable.


Jac describes herself as a vegan Melbourne/Naarm girl who is passionate about capturing good food, fashion and even better coffee. She strives to work with ethical and eco brands who are fun and honest and loves creating content for local brands as well. Jac has been buying from F&F for years due to the huge range of products, sustainability ethos, commitment to quality vegan products and very fair price. 
Jac has been a vegan for 7 years now and absolutely loves it. Her husband is vegan too and describes living in a conscious home as just the best thing ever. Jac is an open book and is always happy to help out vegan or eco curious people out there. She loves to shop consciously and combines thrifted and vintage finds with quality vegan leather products. 
If you're a tik tok lover, you can find her on @PassThatPlant


Renee is the proud owner of World Vegan Guides. She has been vegan for 7 years and an ambassador for Flora and Fauna throughout 2021. To her - living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life goes beyond what's on her plate.

Renee says that F&F has been the proudest company she has ever partnered with and stands for everything WVG are about. Renee spends hours online scrolling our range and thinks that it is super cool that in 2021 somewhere like Flora and Fauna has given her access to such an incredible ethical, sustainable and delightful range!


Kiah loves to go against the grain, she is an avid cook and loves to spend time understanding how we as a society can best support Mother Earth. Kiah is a firm believer that we shouldn't have to label ourselves as any one thing to claim that we care for Mother Earth.

When Kiah isn't in the kitchen, she is probably doing a craft of some kind that could include but isn't limited to crochet, knitting or sewing. She has never been great and sticking to one task and often has many projects on the go to keep her company.

Kiah would one day like to open her own organic community garden that supports both adults and children to understand the gifts of nature.


Brooke has been passionate about holistic health for as long as she can remember. Using eco-friendly products from a young age has always been important to her.

Brooke loves sharing her love for nourishing food, natural skincare and toxic-free products. It lights her up and she hopes that by doing so it inspires others to be more conscious of the products they’re putting in, on and around their bodies.

Yoga and pilates are Brooke's kind of soul medicine. If she's not doing any of these in her spare time you’ll find her researching natural health practices or studying small business entrepreneurship with the vision to one day bring to life the wellness studio of her dreams.


Bec is an Occupational Therapist working with individuals with disabilities in South Australia.
Outside of work, Bec makes eco-friendly crochet homewares and reusables, she loves doing the daily quiz and loves taking photos while exploring new places. 
Bec also has a 1976 Kombi and is planning to travel Australia and live the 'van-life' in early 2022. While travelling Australia, Bec will be focusing on reducing her environmental impact and trying out eco-friendly life hacks.


Mon is passionate about sharing how easy it can be to live a fun vegan, cruelty free, sustainable lifestyle and make consious choices around consumerism.

Outside of work, Mon keeps busy lifting weights in the gym and looking after her three rescued dogs at home. When the opportunity arises she loves to volunteer at rescued farm animal sanctuaries and is always up to try the latest vegan chocolates.


Mon is passionate about sharing how easy it can be to live a fun vegan, cruelty free, sustainable lifestyle and make consious choices around consumerism.

Outside of work, Mon keeps busy lifting weights in the gym and looking after her three rescued dogs at home. When the opportunity arises she loves to volunteer at rescued farm animal sanctuaries and is always up to try the latest vegan chocolates.



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