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Our Recycling Program

Lowering Your Impact with Our Recycling Program

We are firm believers in closing the loop; by that we mean our products need an end to their life....which isn't landfill. Much of our product packaging can be composted or recycled but a lot of beauty packaging isn't easily recyclable so our recycling program helps solve that problem.

How Does It Work?

You return your plastic beauty packaging to us and we collate and separate. We then pay TerraCycle to recycle this for us. Plus, in exchange for returning your beauty packaging to us, we will credit your Flora & Fauna account AU $10 for being planet-friendly and helping our environment.

We also now take your old tights in collaboration with The Legware Co. Sustainable Hosiery Initiative, your old Dirt Laundry Refill Pouches, old Pela Phone Cases and we now take blister packs (including Webster packs, however, excluding cytotoxic medication packs). We accept bread tags, glass nail polish bottles (as empty as possible), metal safety razors (not blades), old Onya products and and silicone products that we currently sell (excluding menstrual cups).

What does TerraCycle do?

TerraCycle helps to eliminate waste by recycling the non-recyclable. Terracycle can collect, and recycle, almost any form of waste. With beauty products, they melt the plastic and re-mold it into new recycled products such as bench seats, chairs, and tables.

What Do I Need To Do?

Step 1: Keep your Flora & Fauna box (or another box - a shoe box is a great guide for size) and start filling it up with empty beauty tubes and containers. If your local council has a recycling program recycle what you can there; use us for things that can't be recycled with them. Make sure your containers are free of any residual product or water (excluding those tricky to clean things like mascaras, lip glosses and the like). If you're sending hosiery, Pela cases, blister packs, bread tags, Dirt pouches etc, please put them in the same box, we will separate for you. 

Step 2: Once your box is full, write your name and email address on a piece of paper and put it in the box. Tape your box up and send to the following address:  

​Flora & Fauna Recycling Program
Unit 4/ 25 Loyalty Road 
North Rocks
NSW 2151

Step 3: Once received and processed we will add 200 reward points to your account ($10 credit) and we will send you an email to confirm this. Please only send what we accept in the program and ensure the postage is covered. If you don't have an account we will create one for you so please do include your email address.

"Earn $10 for Recycling Your Beauty Products at Flora & Fauna" 

What Can I Send? 

We accept plastic makeup and skincare containers (including palettes, mascara and lip gloss tubes, spray nozzles and pump mechanisms), toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bottles, razor handles, floss containers and anything else beauty and body related that is in plastic packaging. We also now accept blister packs (including Webster packs, however excluding cytotoxic medication packs), Pela phone cases, Dirt Laundry pouches, bread tags, silicone products that we sell (excluding menstrual cups) and hosiery (clean). 

We accept beauty packaging not bought from us so brands we don't sell that you might have bought at another store.

Make sure your packaging is clean and free of residual product. 

Top tip: cut your beauty tubes in half - you will find lots of product hiding in there plus they are then really easy to clean!

We do not accept non-plastic waste, menstrual cups, cloth pads or nappies, blades/cartridges, bamboo toothbrushes or actual dental floss, glass, soft plastic packaging, used face sheet masks, paper, cardboard or tin/aluminium. 

We do not accept commercial recycling, recycling from businesses, or recycling from other recycling programs. This is a program that we at F&F pay for and it is for our customers.

Please recycle locally with your council where possible. 

Other Questions....

Do I have to pay for delivery? Yes - we credit you $10 to spend at Flora & Fauna when we receive your parcel. We recommend sending tracked delivery as we can't credit you for missing parcels. We also can't credit you if you haven't paid the correct postage.

Can I drop off my box to you? Yes you can.

How do I make sure I get my Credit? 

  1. Include your name and email address
  2. Make sure you send us product that we can recycle
  3. Send your packaging without any residual product
  4. Pay the correct postage

When will you credit me? Within two weeks of us receiving your box. 

I don't have an account, what do I do? You can set one up easily on our Account Sign Up Page

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