Veganuary Tips From Our F&F Ambassadors!

Jan 07, 2022by Olivia - F&F

This Veganuary, we thought we’d ask our wonderful Flora & Fauna Ambassadors to share their favourite tried-and-tested tips, delicious vegan products and educational resources to help you on your veganism journey!

Renee Melbourne Vegan GuideRenee Melbourne Vegan Guide

Renee | @melbveganguide

I have been vegan for 7+ years and honestly I think the toughest part is the banter and bad jokes you cop from friends. Be proud, be empowered — you are doing something really cool for you, the animals and the planet! 

  • Follow lots of vegan pages and recipe creators like @deliciouslyella @thrivingonplants, just to name a few.
  • Reach out to friends that are in the plant space. Plant pals are the best and they will help keep you motivated.
  • Be smart about it... We all love pasta and hot chips, but always try to get lots of veggies, salads and protein in.
  • Try out new cafes. Follow @sydneyveganguide and @melbveganguide for tips.
  • Listen to Plant Proof Podcasts.
  • If you are missing dairy chocolate, try Treat Dreams!
Emily Sydney Vegan GuideEmily Sydney Vegan Guide

Emily | @sydneyveganguide

  • My biggest tip for a new vegan would be to get organised! There is a lot of overwhelming information out there, so I would keep it simple and stock up on the basics. 
  • Try out a few different plant milks and find your favourite, grab some dairy free spread, and satisfy those cheese cravings with vegan cheese — there are SO many options available, even at your local supermarket. You can also make your own cheese with Mad Millie Vegan Cheese Kit.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, I highly recommend browsing the Vegan Chocolate section at Flora and Fauna. Grab the Vego Bar and thank me later!

Nina Naturally NinaNina Naturally Nina

Nina | @naturally_nina_

My tip would be to look at what swaps you can make to your current go-to/favourite meals to make them plant based! For example:

  • For breakfast, swap to a plant-based milk in your smoothies/oats/cereal and swap eggs for a tofu scramble. 
  • In a stir fry or curry, swap meat for tofu.
  • For chilli, tacos or bolognese, swap mince for beans, lentils and/or crumbled tofu.
  • For burgers and wraps, use a veggie patty or falafel. 
  • I also love the additional challenge of trying one new recipe each week to build up your plant-based recipe repertoire over time.
Kiah marigoldandsoulKiah marigoldandsoul

Kiah | @marigoldandsoul 

  • When adjusting your diet to plant-based or vegan, make sure to properly substitute your protein sources. Eating a faux meat burger might taste good, but it won't fuel your body in the long run. Stick to whole foods instead.
  • F&F favourites: Anything Loco Love and the Pana Dark Chocolate Baking Pieces
  • Favourite vegan recipes: I absolutely LOVE a great tofu curry. If I get stuck for ideas I look through Pinterest! 
  • My final thought, and for me the most important on being a new vegan is that it's not always going to be a perfect transition, and anything you do to reduce your animal product consumption will support you long term. 
  • When choosing vegan products to eat, look for organically-grown and produced as well as simple ingredient lists as this will greatly support the environment in the long run.
Rachelle mindlessnessconsumptiionRachelle mindlessnessconsumptiion

Rachelle | @mindlessconsumptiion

  • You can veganise anything. There are plant-based options of all your favourite foods and ingredient substitutes that you may have never even heard of, like vegan egg.
  • Get regular blood tests. I took mine at 6-month intervals which helped me keep on top of my iron levels, which did at one point drop.
  • Search for your town's vegan group on Facebook. I live on the Central Coast of NSW and there is a massive vegan community on there where so many helpful tips and vegan places are shared. 
  • There is a strong chance that you may still ingest some animal products — whether that be intentionally or unintentionally — but it's important not to beat yourself up over it. It's impossible to know everything and you shouldn't let it discourage you if it does happen.
Mon Losing My Vegan VirginityMon Losing My Vegan Virginity

Mon | @losing_my_vegan_virginity

  • Figure out your 'why' first — whether it’s for ethical, health or environmental reasons, and watch documentaries, read books or listen to podcasts about your 'why’. 
  • If you're a new vegan, embrace the huge amount of vegan products out there — whether it’s mock meats, sweet treats or recipe substitutes.
  • I recommend adapting your current well-loved recipes by veganising those first. Family love spag bol? Replace the mince for protein rich TVP, lentils or a vegan mince. I love using Pimp My Salad Cashew Hemp Parmesan on top.
  • If you get stuck for ideas, there’s Facebook groups out there, plenty of Instagram inspiration, and fantastic Cookbooks or recipes online.
  • Vegan Chocolate has come a long way too over the years, and Flora and Fauna stock an amazing range!
Bec Preston AmbassadorBec Preston Ambassador

Bec | @beccpreston

My tips/thoughts for 'Veganuary': 

  • Don't expect perfection, it is a process and can take a bit of time to work out what you like/don't like and what you have access to in your local area;
  • There are a lot of hidden ingredients in foods that can be tricky to find. Do your research if you can and don't punish yourself for missing these hidden nasties (look out for gelatine, food colours and additives);
  • I started with non-food items and found some incredible small business that have vegan clothing, accessories and shoes, including Boody and MATT & NAT;
  • Spoil yourself with Vegan Snacks, meat replacements/mock meats, chocolate and take yourself out for vegan meals.
  • Personally, I love the Loco Love choccies!
Marisa marisarobinsonbeautyMarisa marisarobinsonbeauty

Marisa | @marisarobinsonbeauty

  • If the thought of going vegan is overwhelming, start small and replace some of your favourite dishes with plant-based alternatives. There are so many amazing options you can buy from your local grocery store!
  • If you enjoy eating out, book a table at a vegan restaurant and surprise your friends and family with how delicious vegan food is. I recently went to Sydney vegan restaurant, Bodhi, and I highly recommend their Yum Cha lunch menu!
  • If you’re considering going vegan, educate yourself. There is so much power in knowledge and some amazing documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives. They give insight into how animals are raised for our consumption and the cruelty and corruption with it.
  • Also remember, progress over perfection, if you slip up don’t punish yourself just aim to do better next time.
Annett Living Tiny and GreenAnnett Living Tiny and Green

Annett | @livingtinyandgreen

  • If you are thinking of changing to a vegan diet, I suggest starting with one vegan day per week and then gradually expanding from there. There is nothing wrong with easing yourself into it and then exchanging ingredients bit by bit. 
  • I love lentils and beans, so they are a big part of my daily meals (apart from vegetables and grains). Not only are they delicious but they are nutrient powerhouses. I often use them in dahls or salads. 
  • There are so many delicious plant-based options available these days, like vegan soy mince or Jackfruit, which are both so versatile and available at Flora & Fauna that it’s really easy to create delicious and nutritious vegan meals. 
  • I think that a plant-based diet enables us to get really creative in the kitchen while  being kind to our planet, the environment and of course, animals.
Taylor No Trace LeftTaylor No Trace Left

Taylor | @no_traceleft

  • My favourite vegan food is phó in veggie broth and fried tofu (so good when you find a great one!) 
  • One of the biggest things to learn and remember is to be kind to yourself when you make the transition. Mistakes and mix ups happen, don’t beat yourself up for accidental animal product consumption — it happens to the best of us.
  • To be honest, everything on F&F is great!
  • The Fussy Vegan app is your best friend when it comes to finding out if something is vegan or not!
  • Finally, enjoy the new experiences of vegan life! It’ll change your life for the best.
Claudia The Green LogicClaudia The Green Logic

Claudia | @thegreenlogic

  • We are living in an amazing time where plant-based and vegan food options are more available than ever before, making the switch so easy now! 
  • Even if you are not fully vegan or slip every now and then, it is okay! Better to make a million little efforts than no effort at all! 
  • There are some amazing meat-like alternatives out there that I absolutely love, like BBQ Jackfruit. You can shred it on top of a Pizza with pineapple, make Bao Buns, or mix it with vegetables in San Choy Bow — the key is to keep it creative!
Alicia Mindfully HolisticAlicia Mindfully Holistic

Alicia | @mindfullyholistic_

10 easy vegan swaps:

  • Minced meat ⇨ Lentils or soya chunks
  • Eggs (savoury) ⇨ Scrambled tofu
  • Eggs (baking) ⇨ Flaxseed or chia egg
  • Cheese ⇨ Nutritional Yeast
  • Dairy milk ⇨ Almond, soy or rice milk
  • Honey ⇨ Agave nectar or maple syrup
  • Pulled Pork ⇨ Jackfruit
  • Heavy cream ⇨ Coconut cream
  • Butter (spreading) ⇨ Dairy-free margarine
  • Butter (baking) ⇨ Olive oil or applesauce

You can Meet Our F&F Ambassadors here, or find them on Instagram spreading the message of veganism, sustainable living and mindful consumption to their followers. We’d like to extend a big thanks to all of our F&F Ambassadors who shared their personal experience for this blog — we hope it helps you!

For more tips to help you during Veganuary and beyond, check out our Vegan Information & Advice category, Vegan Recipes category, and the blogs below. 

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