New Year's Resolutions | Skincare Edition

Jan 07, 2022by Gabby - F&F

A skincare routine sounds like a long process, but it's not as high maintenance as you may think. Our skin goes through a lot throughout the day — between dust accumulation, makeup application and the number of times our dirty hands touches our face, so it's only fair we repay our skin with some love.

A good skincare routine, can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles and create radiant looking skin.

We've put together a list of achievable new year goals that will help you take care of and achieve healthy, glowing skin!

 Grahams Natural SunClear Natural Sunscreen  Grahams Natural SunClear Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen

Trust us when we say Sunscreen is your new best friend!

Everytime you go out in the sun unprotected, you are risking sun damage and sunburn from UVA and UVB rays.

Sunscreen is the most important product if you want to prevent your skin from ageing. It's also the easiest skincare step to make, as it can be applied before your makeup or even as a makeup. We absolutely love Sunbutter Tinted Sunscreen and Sukin Tinted Facial Sunscreen, as it avoids a white cast and instead produces a gorgeous sunkissed glow to your skin that gives you the confidence to go out and about. 

WOTNOT Facial Wipes - Ultra-Hydrating x25WOTNOT Facial Wipes - Ultra-Hydrating x25

Makeup Remover

For starters — did you wake up this morning still wearing yesterday's makeup? Going to bed with makeup on is such a bad habit to get into. For one, your white pillow sheets and the extra load of laundry won't be saying thank you and secondly it increases your chance of breakouts.

Whilst we're sure most nights you do take your makeup off, there's always one late night that might get you. So for those nights we're your ready to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, we recommend using Wotnot Facial Wipes. They are super convenient and quick to use and are great at removing daily impurities and makeup. Plus they're all natural, meaning less skin irritation and are 100% biodegradable and compostable, so they're even gentle on the planet.

Grown Alchemist Hydra+ Oil-Gel Facial CleanserGrown Alchemist Hydra+ Oil-Gel Facial Cleanser

Skincare Routine

Have you heard of double cleansing? This skincare method is going to be your new saving grace. Basically, cleansing your face twice, picks up anything the first cleanse might have missed. It's another easy step to to incorporate that will benefit your skin. You can read more about Double Cleansing over at our blog.

If you experience dull, dry or flaky patches on your skin, it's probably because you don't exfoliate. Exfoliating helps keep you skin smooth and silky, by removing any dead skin cells. The best part is, you don't have to exfoliate everyday, once a week is enough to help keep your skin bright and glowy!

The same with Face Masks! Start thinking of skincare as a luxury not a chore, because it really is relaxing. 

 memobottle™ A6 Bottle memobottle™ A6 Bottle


Water seems to be the magical answer to everything, but it honestly does work wonders. 

For your skin — water keeps your body hydrated and helps maintain skin elasticity. People who drink lots of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles, and soft lines and they won't show as many signs of aging. So that's a great incentive to keep up your fluids.

To ensure you drink more water, invest in one of our Reusable Water Bottles. If you're someone who is super busy,  grab a large size, this way you know you need to finish your bottle by the end of the day and don't need to refill. There's also plenty of apps that send alerts and remind you to drink, which is super encouraging!

Noosa Basics Organic Lip Balm CoconutNoosa Basics Organic Lip Balm Coconut

Lip Balm

No one likes dry, chapped lips, so a good lip balm is exactly what you need to invest in for the new year!

Lip Balms help create a protective barrier between your lips and the external elements like temperature and wind. For summer, think about getting a lip balm that contains spf. Hurraw SPF 15 Sun Balm will give your lips the extra protection they need when out in the glaring Australian sun. 

Lip balm is super easy to take with you everywhere. Keep one in your bag and get into the habit of reapplying multiple times throughout the day. The elements won't stand a chance.

Our skin is so important, so by incorporating these effective, yet low-maintenance tips — we are sure this will be one new year's resolution you can keep! Shop our range of natural, vegan and cruelty-free Skincare here

Check out the blogs below, for more ways you can achieve some goals, or if you're unsure of what goals to set yourself, grab some inspo from our tips and challenge yourself to achieve them. 

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