Make Your Own All-Natural First Aid Kit

Aug 05, 2022by Gabby - F&F

First-aid kits are incredibly important to have. They help you manage medical emergencies as quickly as possible. 

Whilst you can easily buy a first-aid kit, if you're looking to follow a more natural route that is still great for treating things like cuts, burns and bites, you can make your own!

Here at F&F, we have an effective range of products for your natural first aid kit. Whether it be antifungal creams, arnica oil or burns and bites gel. Read along, to pick up some tips on what to include in your Natural First Aid Kit. Did we mention everything is natural, vegan and cruelty-free?

Patch Bamboo Strip Bandages - Kids 25 PackPatch Bamboo Strip Bandages - Kids 25 Pack

Image: Patch

Bamboo Bandages

A bandaid or bandage can never go astray in your first aid kit. We highly recommend our Bandaids from Patch. They are vegan, hypoallergenic and have specific uses.

The Natural Bandage Strips, contain certified organic bamboo gauze, that acts as an oxygen agent to assist with the skins natural healing process. The Aloe Bandages, help repair and soothe burns, blisters and minor abrasions, whilst the Charcoal Bandages aid and help draw out impurities and infections from minor wounds. For Kids, try the Patch Bamboo Strips for Kids. We love the cute little panda print on them. These bandaids help soothe minor abrasions and provide long-lasting support for sensitive skin. Perfect for your little ones. Did we mention, all of Patch's products are compostable too? How good!

Botani Natural Phytoseptic Antifungal Skin CreamBotani Natural Phytoseptic Antifungal Skin Cream

Image: Botani Skincare

Skin Remedies

Many skincare products on the market contain synthetic chemicals and irritants that can further irritate skin. The Physic Garden however, have developed a soothing Skin Rescue Balm, with all natural ingredients, that's free from allergens. Great for helping with dry and damaged skin. 

A 5 star favourite here at F&F is the Antifungal Skin Cream. This cream has a 99.9% kill rate against fungal infections in just 30 minutes! Wherever the skin needs healing, you bet this cream works its magic. Whether its for cuts and scrapes, tinea, etc. A must have for your natural first aid kit!

Lastly, we can't recommend the Necessity Fixaderm Skin Repair Lotion enough. It helps treat wounds, scratches, eczema, dermatitis and cuts, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and promotes rapid skin repair and healing.

The Physic Garden Muscle RubThe Physic Garden Muscle Rub

Image: The Physic Garden

Muscle Rub

Did you just go for a huge hike in the bush and your muscles are starting to feel it? Simply glide some of The Physic Garden's Muscle Rub onto the affected areas of your skin. This balm is a great alternal to petroleum rubs and is naturally warming!

By now you should have managed to make it home okay. Time for a muscle soak. Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak for tired muscles and limbs is the perfect remedy. A warm bath with this aromatic soak helps soothe the body and mind while your muscles and tired limbs relax, lifting the feelings of tiredness and fatigue. It helps aid recovery during times of over-exertion and weariness. Perfect for after exercise. For oustanding muscle pain, shop from our Magneisum range — great for pain relief. 

The Physic Garden Bug Balm The Physic Garden Bug Balm

Image: The Physic Garden

Bug Balm & Sunscreen

Less of an emergency, but always handy to have is bug balm and sunscreen!

If you're looking for a bug balm that smells delicious, doesn't contain any nasty chemicals, and is safe to lather on the whole family, try The Physic Garden Bug Balm — a great insect repellent!

As far as sun safety goes, our Natural Sunscreens, are a staple for your first aid kit. Keep your skin safe and protected whenever you're out and about! If you do get burnt, Dr Organic's Aloe Vera Gel will do the trick. It Instantly cools and soothes the skin. Perfect for sunburn, irritated skin and insect bites.

If You Care Household Natural Rubber Gloves in a Medium SizeIf You Care Household Natural Rubber Gloves in a Medium Size

Image: If You Care


So why do you need gloves in your first aid kit? One of the key dangers to a first aider is bodily fluid. Gloves help protect against the transmission of disease and illness. So important!

Here at F&F we stock If You Care Household Gloves in size Medium and Large. These reusable gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified latex and is natural. They come with a natural cotton lining and are reusable. 

After each use, make sure to rinse outside of gloves in soap and water. Then let air dry before using again. When your gloves have reached the end of their life, they can be disposed of by cutting into small strips and composted. How good!

As you can see, there are some great natural first-aid essentials you can add to your kit! You can never be too safe when you're out and about, so the more the merrier in our opinion. 

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