Winter Warmers | Things To Keep You Cosy This Winter

Jun 16, 2021by Gabby - F&F

During the colder months, we find ourselves looking for whatever it is that keeps us that extra bit warm. Though winter is not everyone’s favourite time of the year, there is something really satisfying about getting cosy and keeping warm.

Here are our top tips to stay warm this winter.

Plantasy The Good SoupPlantasy The Good Soup

Soup and Vegetable Broths

Nothing beats the winter blues, like having a big bowl of hot soup.  Soup is known for warming up our body and soul, especially when it’s super cold outside and in! Your fingers will love you for having them nurse the bowl, and they will very quickly get back that warm, moveable feeling.

We offer a range of delicious winter warming soups and broths that will make you come back for more, all winter long.

Plantasy The Good Soup: Do you like the sound of quick and easy? Plantasy has 6 yummy soups to choose from that are ready by the time it takes a kettle to boil. These soups are made with plant-based ingredients (without hidden nasties). They are high in soluble fibre so you stay fuller and satisfied for longer. Just 3 easy steps and you’ll be slurping away.

Nutra Organics Vegetable BrothNutra Organics Vegetable Broth

Soup and Vegetable Broths

Just Wholefoods: Do you want wholesome and nutritious plant based warming foods without the effort of cooking? Just Wholefoods have created a quick and easy mix, packed full of organic ingredients and is less than 60 calories. These soups are perfect for taking to work, just add hot water.

Nutra Organics Vegetable Broth: Two teaspoons of our vegetable broth powder, is equivalent to one serve of veggies. So don't stress about getting in your greens here, focus on a warm nourishing meal instead. Our broths are as simple as adding boiling water to ensure you have that hearty cup of goodness. If you love cooking, why not make it your own. Our broths are a great base for soups, stews and sauces. 

Nutra Organics Velvet LatteNutra Organics Velvet Latte

Hot Drinks 

Hot drinks are a no-brainer during winter. Whether you like coffee, tea or hot chocolate, we offer a wide range of hot drinks that are bound to warm you up.

If you need help getting out of bed during the colder months, you’ll want to try out our mushroom drinks and lattes. We know coffee is energising, but our cordycep mushrooms use half the amount of caffeine, and have the same energising benefits. You’ll find starting your day with one of these, a bit easier for getting through the colder months. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love our drinking chocolates. We’ve got drinking chocolates from Loving Earth, Golden Grind and Botanika BlendsFor the tea fanatics, we have so many different flavours for you to choose from that will help keep your mind off the cold. Our tea range is healthy, interesting, delicious, and a little bit different.

Wheatbag WaratahWheatbag Waratah


During winter, treat yourself to the warmth of a wheatbag.

Wheatbags are generally used to help ease pains but they are also great for helping you warm up a little. Simply heat your wheatbag in the microwave for around 2 minutes and lay it on an area of the body. They come with a scent of calming organic lavender or warming clove, which makes it a more relaxing experience.

Who said winter can’t be relaxing? Kick your feet up and stay cosy with a wheatbag.

The Physic Garden Bath SoakThe Physic Garden Bath Soak

Warm Bath

There’s no better feeling after a long cold day than jumping into a nice warm bath. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or grab some relaxing bath salts, to truly soak up the warmth.

The Physic Garden has bath soaks in: Glow, Dream and Relax. Glow lets you settle into a warm bath and prepare yourself to glow from the inside out. Relax lets you settle into a warm, delicious bath and feel the stress of the day dissolve away. Dream lets you settle into a warm bath and prepare yourself for a relaxing and warm slumber.

Perfect Potion also have some lovely bath soaks that will leave you feeling relaxed and smelling delicious.

When you’re feeling cold, there’s no better feeling than curling up in bed with a mug of something hot. If you would like some more tips and tricks on how to survive the winter months, check out these blogs below.

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