The Best Body Oils For Winter

Jun 16, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Something we are seriously guilty of is... Not moisturising in the winter! Sure, we might be hidden away under long pants and chunky sweaters, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't nourish our skin throughout the winter months. Your skin requires maintenance, especially as you get older, and body oils are a great way to add moisture to the skin! We don't blame you for hybernating throughout winter and maybe skipping out on the shaving part, but please don't forget to moisturise! You'll thank us later! 

Here are 5 beautiful body oils our team can't live without!

Canabella La Tropica Body OilCanabella La Tropica Body Oil

Cannabella La Tropica Body Oil

Canabella's La Tropica Body Oil is made with hemp seed oil, soothing aloe vera and watermelon seed. It's the perfect remedy for after-sun skincare and will leave your skin feeling supple and refreshed. We often forget about the dangers of the sun during winter, so this oil will help soothe any sun burn. 

For best results, shake the bottle before use and apply to your body as needed. It is a great serum to use for both morning and night. 

The Jojoba Company Calming JojobaThe Jojoba Company Calming Jojoba

The Jojoba Company Calming Jojoba Oil

The Jojoba Company has a multitude of beautiful oils for the face and body. What you might not have known though, is that jojoba 'oil' isn't actually an oil. It’s the only plant to store liquid wax in its seeds so this is actually an extract and liquid wax. This wax shares the same molecular structure as the natural wax esters found in healthy human skin so it helps to mimic your skin's natural sebum, making it more receptive to vital nutrients and antioxidants, and helps to restore balance.

The Calming Jojoba Oil is formulated for the face and body and used to soothe inflamation, nourish the skin and calm redness.

If you suffer from rosacea, this oil is defintely one to invest it. It can help with red patchy skin, but it is also relaxing and calming to the mind, reducing tension and alleviating stress.

Butt Naked Rose Body OilButt Naked Rose Body Oil

Butt Naked Rose Body Oil

The Butt Naked Rose Body Oil is great for all skin types.

With it's beautiful, lightweight formula, this body oil will hydrate, moisturise and brighten, leaving your skin soft, nourished and smelling of roses!

To use, massage a small amount of oil onto clean, damp skin.

If you happened to get caught by the disguise of the winter skies, this oil is also great for sunburn. It's also known to help make your skin clearer and reduce breakouts with its antimicrobial power.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body OilWeleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil provides replenishing, intensive care for dry skin, keeping it soft, supple and smooth. Sea buckthorn berries are scientifically reputed to have a super-rich cocktail of antioxidant vitamins, flavonoids and essential fatty acids, helping to protect against free-radical damage that is associated with the signs of ageing. 

The revitalising impulses of pure vegetable oils support the natural metabolism of the skin, help rebuilding the skin's oily mantle and regulate a healthy balance in the skin. The well-balanced composition maintains and protects intensively, including from the effects due to environmental stresses and after sunbathing. With sea buckthorn body oil the skin gains in vitality, feels noticeably smoother, is visibly strengthened and supple. 

Black Chicken Love Your Body OilBlack Chicken Love Your Body Oil

Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Body Oil

This is Black Chicken's award winning & much-loved body oil. It’s a hydrating and invigorating formula that helps prevent the signs of ageing and relieves the drying effects of the elements.

This multi-purpose body oil (for both men and women) can also be added to the bath as a bath oil or used as a shaving oil. To use as a body oil, it works best when you apply daily to damp skin of the body after shower or bath, massaging in with intention. 

Love Your Body Oil has been developed to deliver vital nutrients deep into the skin and has ingredients perfect for moisturising dry and damaged skin, helping with tissue regeneration and treating scars.

Whilst a moisturiser protects your skin, you really need a serum to feed your skin during the colder months. Here at F&F we have a wide range of beautiful oils and serums to nourish your skin, we only mentioned a few in this blog, so find all our body oils at Flora & Fauna.

Skincare is super important, don't let the winter dry you out - We've popped in some other great reads and helpful tips on body oils that will keep your skin glowing all year round.

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