What Nail Polish Colours Are Trending This Winter?

Jul 09, 2021by Gabby - F&F

The cooler season is well and truly upon us and with it, we have Sienna's new, beautiful 'Night Sky' winter nail polish collection.

Staying up with the latest trends can be exhausting, so Sienna has done the hard work for you! This collection features three gorgeous nail colours that will keep you on trend with a chic winter look.

Sienna Night Sky Trio Nail Polish SetSienna Night Sky Trio Nail Polish Set

Sienna Nail Polish

Sienna produce quality nail polish that is luxurious, whilst also being sustainable, ethically produced, inclusive, vegan and cruelty-free. Their packaging is 100% recycable and instead of using a plastic cap lid, they use timber. In our opinion these lids look way prettier, so it's amazing the are better for the planet too.

If you live in Sydney like us, you'll know that we can't quite go out and do things we'd like to do, due to lockdown. This means we have a lot more time up our sleeves, so we should take this as an opportunity to pamper ourselves. Why not - am I right?

We can't exactly go to the nail salon, so let's bring it to us. Did we mention that Sienna's nail polish is non-toxic too? Natural nail polish is so much better for your nails. So let's dive in to this year's winter colour classics.

Sienna Stargazer Nail PolishSienna Stargazer Nail Polish

Deep Blue

“I do not want to sleep for fear I might miss the twinkle of the brightest star.” – Sanober Khan. Sienna Stargazer Nail Polish is a deep blue colour with an opaque finish. 

Deep blue colours are a winter classic! They are very much associated with winter and the cooler weather. This colour inspires dreams of night skies at twilight. Compared to a light blue, the darker colour fits in better with the cooler temperatures and more neutral colour clothes we tend to wear during winter, whereas summer is highly associated with light and bright colours.

A great tip before you begin painting your nails, is to gently wipe down each nail with Sienna Nail Polish Remover to eliminate any oily residue prior to painting.

Sienna Infinite Nail Polish Sienna Infinite Nail Polish

Deep Purple 

“Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite." – Francis Bacon. Sienna Infinite Nail Polish is a deep purple colour with an opaque finish. 

Deep colours, give off an impactful look. We think this colour would look perfect simply grasped around a cosy hot drink and super glamorous on a night out.

To achieve the perfect manicure, use a nail file to obtain your desired shape. After you have cleaned your nails, apply Sienna's Base Coat Nail Polish. This helps strengthen your nails and makes your colour last longer. Then, gently glide the brush from your coloured nail polish over each fingernail, coating the nail surface from base to tip. Apply a second coat after 5 minutes and finish with a top coat to seal and prolong wear.

Sienna Eternal Nail Polish Sienna Eternal Nail Polish

Light Purple & Grey's

“The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.” – Norman Cousins. Sienna Eternal Nail Polish is a soft purple-grey colour with an opaque finish. 

Soft nail colours are not to be confused with light. For all you pastel lovers out there, this soft purple-grey colour will be your new favourite. It's a lovely shade that easily accompanies everyday outfits.

As it is winter, make sure you show your hand and nails some extra love. No one likes dry or cracked hands. We have lots of beautiful hand and nail creams that will leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated, so you can really show your pretty nails off.

There's a lot of art involved in doing your nails, from getting the shape right, staying within the actual nail and not getting paint on your skin, and of course the beautiful nail art designs.

Generally nail polish lasts up to two years, so you may often find you have a bit leftover if you're not using it all the time or are switching colours often. Thanks to our friends at Sienna, we now accept nail polish through our Recycle & Save Program. Any empties, or old and dried up nail polish can be sent to us and we will send back to Sienna to recycle responsibly.

We hope you love these winter nail colours and have fun getting creative and pampering yourself during lockdown. Shop all nail polish now at Flora & Fauna. Check out what else is trending in the blogs below.

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