Joco Cup's New Utility Range

Jul 08, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Every year over 500 billion disposable cups are used worldwide. The hard truth is that the majority of these cups go straight into landfill and don't break down, which adds to the waste issue we have globally. There is a better way and that is using a reusable cup!

If you're already fans of Joco Cups, you'll know they create fashionable drinking vessels that provide a premium solution to plastic and single use waste. But, they are also experience enhances!

Everything Joco Cups design is done so with leading knowledge and the best materials to enhance your daily routine. So it's no shock that their Utility range has been launched with this in mind. 

This range can be thought of as a "master of its many configurations, where utility meets luxury." These lids have considered some of the major worries associated with reusable cups, like leaks, as well as thinking about how they can best maximise the overall ease of drinking from their cups. 

 JOCO Reusable Glass Cup Mood Indigo JOCO Reusable Glass Cup Mood Indigo

About Joco Cup

Did you know the Joco brand was actually born out of personal protest? That's right, in 2008 they protested against a mounting threat of plastic and single use waste.

Instead of conforming to a world with cheap convenience and disposables, Joco believed it was possible to experience the luxury of hot drinks, without compromosing on taste and the natural environment.

Joco are strong empowers of change. Their mission continues to be the same as what they set out to do in the beginning and since then have positively shaped an impactful way of living.

The Utility Features

At Joco, there is a continual focus on developing product solutions that are the smartest choice for people and the planet.

Features of the utility lid: wide mouth drinking, anti-spill closure, splash-free straw integration, straw adaption, spout adaption, built in storage and a nose dome, which gives your nose more room. 

Features of the cup: artisan blow, thermal shock & etch resistant, thermal silicone sleeve, architecture for the perfect pour, use with & without the lid, antibacterial and stain & odour resistant.

The Positive Impact

How can we give back to the environment? Simple! Turn the tide on plastic. Since 2017, every Joco cup purchased has contributed to the removal of over 120,000 pieces of plastic from the environment.

Joco empowers people to make the switch to reusables over single use plastic.

The Joco cups are literally designed to last a lifetime. They use clean, premium materials that are healthy and highly durable.

So with a cool design, your favourite colour and the benefits it has for the environment, why wouldn't you invest in a reusable cup?

The Joco Cup-Utility is one cup, but with 3 specialties. The brand is constantly working on improving the way we drink, whilst keeping the environment top of mind. 

If you haven't already, make the switch to a reusable cup. They also make great gifts, so help give someone a push into the right direction. Shop Joco Reusable Cups and Bottles at Flora & Fauna.

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