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Feb 10, 2018by Julie - F&F

There are certain things in life that are a certainty, and one is that, as a woman, you'll get your period every month, typically, for quite a number of years. There are various ways to manage this including Organic Tampons, Pads and Menstrual Cups. They are all great ways to manage your period, particularly the cups, but we also have another eco-friendly alternative which is the Hannahpad

How To Use A HannahpadHow To Use A Hannahpad

What Are Hannahpads?

Hannahpads are certified organic, reusable, washable sanitary pads. They come in a variety of sizes from pantyliner, small, medium, overnight, ultra overnight and super ultra overnight and a mix of gorgeous patterns. Who knew sanitary pads could be so pretty!

These pads come with a 100% organic cotton top layer, internal cotton layers and an external waterproof coating (the patterned part). They come with wings to snap underneath your underwear and stay in place. This construct is designed to prevent leakage. 

Each pad can last for up to 12 hours depending on your flow and, due to the cotton layers, your flow doesn't sit next to your skin. 

How To Care For Your HannahpadHow To Care For Your Hannahpad

How Do I Care For Hannahpads?

Hannahpads are designed to be reused and can last 2-3 years if cared for properly. 

  1. After using place your used hannahpad under running cold water.
  2. Add environmentally friendly washing detergent onto the pad and rub it. The Prebiotic Soap and Hannahpad Stain Remover are excellent for washing and removing stains. 
  3. Fold it in half and soak in cold water 3hrs to 12 hrs. 
  4. Machine wash in cold water but it is recommended to hand wash. If you choose to machine wash, place your pads in a Wet Bag.
  5. Ideally, dry in the sun and ensure bone dry before storing to avoid becoming mouldy.
Hannahpad SizesHannahpad Sizes

What Sizes Do I Need And How Do I Get Started?

If you are starting out and you just aren't sure I'd recommend buying a box of two Pantyliners and making sure you like the feel. These are also great when you are in the run-up to your period or at the tail end. 

If you know this is the way to go I'd suggest you start off with the following which will keep you going for two to three days. This would include two small, four medium and two overnight pads. These can all be bought at Flora & Fauna and you can pick your colours. We also have starter sets to help get you started. 

Hannahpad Reusable PadsHannahpad Reusable Pads

Other Questions About Hannahpad Reusable Pads

1. Can I wash them in the washing machine? Yes, you can but put on a cold cycle.

2. Can I use the dryer to dry them? Ideally dry in the sun, but, we're all busy so yes you can. As with most clothes that are dried in a dryer it does shorten their life. 

3. Are these good for women with bladder control problems? It depends on how severe. Pantyliners are great for supporting the slight leakage but if it's greater than that check the absorbency on the image above and whether one of the larger pads would work. 

4. Can I use them when I exercise? Absolutely. They are a good fit and are worn by gym-goers, runners and more. One lady we spoke to rides Motocross bikes, she uses a Menstrual Cup and backs up with a hannahpad. 

Hannahpad reusable sanitary pads are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and pretty. These washable, reusable cloth pads are a perfect way to rethink how you manage your menstrual period each month. 

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