hannahpad Laundry Stain Remover (150g)

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  • Natural Laundry Stain Remover

  • Perfect to Clean your Washable Pads

  • Alkaline and Non Irritating

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hannahpad Laundry Stain Remover, available online at Flora & Fauna

Those smart folks at hannahpad have created this fabulous stain remover to effectively remove stains from your laundry and hannapads. 

It's made from sodium sesquicarbonate which is a double of salt commonly found in natural baby laundry products and bath salts. This 150g bottle contains only one active ingredient without any harsh chemical fillers so it is gentle on your laundry, organic cotton clothpads and our environment. It's alkaline, cold water soluble and non irritating. 

It can be used in 3 ways:

  • Spray bottle diluted in water and sprayed onto stains
  • Sprinkled directly onto stains and gently massaged
  • As a soaker


Only available to be sold in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands (Excludes US Territories) and the Middle East. We cannot ship hannahpads to other countries due to licensing restrictions.



Spray Bottle: Place 2tsp into a 500ml spray bottle and fill with water. Shake until fully dissolved and before each use. Spray directly onto stain, allow to rest for at least 1hr prior to washing. Use 4tsp for extra strength.

Soaker: Add 2tsp to 2L of water and mix to dissolve. Soak pads for minimum 12hrs to overnight, up to 48hrs changing water daily. Use 4tsp for extra strength.

Direct: Sprinkle directly over stain, add water and gently massage until dissolved. Rest for 1hr or wash immediately.

Note: Pre-existing stains may require multiple applications.

150g/ 5.29oz. of Sodium Sesquicarbonate

very happy

By: on 24 May 2019
I wasn't going to buy this, then I started using my cloth pads and decided to, I also bought the probiotic soap. I used the stain remover in a spray bottle which is much easier. Using both together is simply amazing, I can't believe how well they work.


By: on 4 February 2019
I've been using this for my Hannah Pads for the past few months and I'm really happy with it. Its works amazingly well, can get stains out quite easily.


By: on 2 August 2018
I used the stain remover to get rid of those stains that just never seem to go away (especially if I didn’t get to soak my pads fast enough) and most of the stains faded, my pads looked so much better after just a day and a half soak. I usually just use probiotic soap on my pads and then rinse, then do a soak with liquid Castile soap and rinse and dry. But I will be continuing to use the stain remover every couple of months to keep my pads looking that little bit cleaner!

Fantastic for washing

By: on 7 April 2018
Used this straight onto the hannahpad and also as a soaker in a small bucket with a lid and 2 dryer balls to help when I shook the bucket to clean the pads and freshen them.

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