Love Beauty Foods Has Had A Makeover!

Aug 12, 2021by Gabby - F&F

If you're big fans of Love Beauty Foods you may have already noticed they have had a bit of a makeover. If you missed it, you're in for some good news. They are now completely plastic-free! But wait, there's more...On top of this, they have introduced some new products to accompany their Toothpaste and Tooth Powders. You'll now also find Wellness Teas, Wellness Powders and Remedy Balms that are all absolutely gorgeous.

Let's explore the range!

Love Beauty Foods Tooth PowderLove Beauty Foods Tooth Powder

Oral Care

To avoid things like oral infections, tooth decay and gum disease, we need to keep the bacteria in our mouths under control. How do we do this? With good oral health care.

Love Beauty Foods, have Toothpaste and Powders that are formulated with mineral rich ingredients. This means you can clean your teeth without having to worry about added preservatives, synthetics or foaming agents, and instead help promote a healthier mouth. For extra clean teeth, try out the Teeth Whitener. This natural powder increasingly whitens teeth without harsh chemicals or bleach.

The thing that makes Love Beauty Foods even more attractive, is there glass jar, aluminium lids and cardboard box packaging. Each jar of concentrated water-free formula prevents 2 toothpaste tubes going to landfill. Which is fantastic!

Love Beauty Foods Body OilLove Beauty Foods Body Oil


Love Beauty Foods body products, are formulated with impressive skin benefits for a multitude of uses. 

The Body Butter, hydrates even the driest of skin types with its nutrient-rich, water-free formula. Just a small amount of this is needed to soothe irritation, improve moisture levels, maintain elasticity and promote collagen synthesis.

There are 3 Body Oils: Energise and Uplift to stimulate your mind and body, Sleep and Nourish to wind down and relax and Glow for radiant skin. All producing a silky feel your body will love.

The last product in their body range, is the Remedy Balms. They can be used for sore feet, to breathe easier, as insect repellent and for multiuse.

Love Beauty Foods Face MasksLove Beauty Foods Face Masks


Love Beauty Foods meticulously formulated face essentials, feeds your skin with nourishing nutrients for the day or night.

To prepare your face for the day, you'll love the Good Morning Face Oil. This nutrient-rich face oil hydrates, soothes irritation and improves overall skin appearance. It also brightens skin and protects it against free radical damage. As for the night, you can rest well with the Good Night Face Oil. This oil nourishes and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep.

We also have beautiful clay face masks, perfect for Radiant Skin, Hydration and Brightening. Simply, mix a teaspoon of powder with a splash of water and mix until it becomes a thick paste. Evenly distribute over your face and neck, then rinse. 

All these face essentials come in recycable packaging. 

Love Beauty Foods Ingestible Beauty PowderLove Beauty Foods Ingestible Beauty Powder


Looking for ingestibles that do what they claim to do? Love Beauty Foods have carefully crafted their ingestibles to give you a daily dose of powerhouse nutrients and botanical extracts to benefit your skin and body.

Their wellness powders in Alkalising Greens, Beauty Berry, and Immunity, help to increase energy, support stronger nails, shinier hair and plump skin, as well as boost your immunity. To incorporate these powders in your daily routine, all you have to do is add one teaspoon to your water, juice, smoothie or sprinkle on top of cereals or yoghurts.

We also have three wellness teas. Beauty Glow is a rejuvenating herbal tea that nourishes your body inside and out. The Immunity Tea is uplifting, energising and of course boosts your immunity. If you're looking for a way to wind down and relax after a big day, you'll love the Sleep Tea.

Love Beauty Foods make their products with the purest, nutrient-dense ingredients carefully sourced from local and organic growers. Their purpose is to help others live more consciously by offering safe, natural and organic essentials that have minimal impact on the planet. We're super excited to see their new range of products and everything lovingly packaged in recycled and recyclable materials.

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