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Angel Aromatics 100% natural perfumes are all named after iconic locations in the area where they work, live and love. These factors, in conjunction with their community support, formed the founding principles behind what they view as their 'Ode to Balmain'. 

We talked with Susanna from Angel Aromatics to give you the whole rundown on how their natural perfumes came to be, the process behind naming their perfumes and everything you need to know about the range. 

Natural Perfume JourneyNatural Perfume Journey

The Natural Perfume Journey

Angel Aromatics was first established in 1993. Back then, they were mainly manufacturing home fragrance products. It wasn't until they had launched their hand & body wash and lotions that they noticed a much more positive response. This led to the want for more products in the body space, and what better way to do this than with natural perfume.

Their decision to create all natural perfume was easy. They wanted to create a product that you could put on your skin and be totally excited about.  

The natural perfume journey, started with a panel of consumers. Natural perfume buyers and mainstream perfume buyers. It was their mission to excite both! After many trials the panel agreed on 3 scents. Each scent was made to please most tastes, whilst resonating with Balmain.

Angel Aromatics Natural Perfume Memory LaneAngel Aromatics Natural Perfume Memory Lane

Natural Perfumes Named With Purpose

Selecting the fragrance names was the fun part! All inspired by the heart of Balmain.

Elkington Park was named after Angel Aromatics favourite park. They thought it only fitting to name the vanilla and cedar fragrance after it. They then wanted a whimsical name for the floral fragrance peony and rose and also a play on words with scent being associated with memories. This is when they decided on Memory Lane, a small laneway in Balmain. Finally, it was time to name the jasmine and bergamot fragrance. This was their most daring natural fragrance as there was nothing like it on the market. It had to have the most deserving name. Balmain is most known for Darling street running right through the peninsula, inspiring the name, St. Darling.

Angel Aromatics Natural PerfumeAngel Aromatics Natural Perfume

The Range

Elkington Park Vanilla & Cedar Natural Perfume, will remind you of taking a stroll through scenic gardens in spring, with floral and citrus notes followed by light cotton blossom and a hint of orange. It's grounded with cedarwood, vanilla pod and patchouli. A fragrance you can enjoy every day. 

Memory Lane Peony and Rose Natural Perfume, evokes the memory of romance through a delicate mix of peony accord and rose fragrance tempered with notes of sweet balsamic and vetiver. It’s an unforgettable fragrance.

St. Darling Jasmine and Bergamot Natural Perfume, is reminiscent of the streets of the village Angel Aromatics call home and it's a joy to wear. Crisp top notes of bergamot and citrus followed by heart notes of jasmine and floral, settling into a rich blend of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

We stock all 3 of Angel Aromatics beautiful natural pefume. But if you can't quite make up your mind on which one you want, we also have a Sample Palette that includes all 3 fragrances to try out. You can check out the range here

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