Lockdown Favourites!

Jul 22, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Being in and out of lockdown over the last couple of years, has meant finding new ways to look forward to things — and what better way to find some joy, than by receiving a gift from yourself?

Lockdown for a lot of us, has meant stocking up on our fave products, but it's also been an opportunity to try some new things, ecspecially as we have more time at home. This may be baking or cooking, taking care of our skin using face masks and attempting to maintain things like our hair and nails, without those all so important services. 

So if you're looking for some lockdown inspo, you're at the right spot. We're sharing our popular and most loved lockdown favourites!

Colour Me Organic Hair Dye Dark BrownColour Me Organic Hair Dye Dark Brown

Hair & Body

At the start of lockdown last year, hair dye was very much trending. Everyone was experimenting with bright colours, because if it didn't turn out well, it didn't matter - who was going to see? As the bright colours slowly phased out, dyeing your hair to maintain it's colour, rid the grey's, or spice it up a bit, has been on most people's agenda. Our Organic and Natural Hair Dye's, have made it easy for people to treat their hair at home. We have beautiful Shampoo and Conditioner's and Styling Treatments, to give your hair the love it deserves.

Another fave, has been our Detox a Pit. We know the transition to Natural Deodorant's can be a little bit smelly, but this short detox period is well worth it and there's no one around to scare away. This detox mix, draws out toxins and impurities, to keep the armpit in optimal condition. There has literally been no better time to try this!

Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies Chocolate Fudge Brownie MixMelinda's Gluten-Free Goodies Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

Vegan Snacks

With more time up our sleeves, it's no secret that everyone has been a bit more active in the kitchen. A really great way to beat the boredom is by baking something delicious. ETTDC60Banana Bread and Brownies have been popular dishes, but why stop there, we have a range of wonderful Baking goodies that you can draw inspo from.

With the cinemas out of action, we've pulled out our long awaited lists of tv shows and movies to watch. Snacks go hand in hand with this! Enjoy some Vegan Chocolate, Lollies and Chips and trasnport yourself to the cinemas experience.

If you're an exercise lover and are working out, outdoors, you'll love coming home to a Protein Shake or Snack. We have a range of yummy flavours, which are also great for making health treats and smoothie bowls.  

Eco by Sonya Face Compost Mask Purple PowerEco by Sonya Face Compost Mask Purple Power

DIY Beauty

Just because we can't go out, doesn't mean we don't want to feel our best. With the cold weather still about, we need to make sure our skin is staying hydrated and healthy. So unwind and relax, we've got the time to pamper ourselves with a Face Mask. The beauty of this is, you can pop one on while your at home working, as opposed to in the workplace (just make sure you have no zoom calls that day).

Again, the cold weather doesn't just stop because we're in lockdown, so to help you stay warm at home, we recommend our gorgeous Bath Salts. These salts resemble a relaxing spa experience and will make you never want to leave the bath tub.

If you're missing your regular nail appointments, have a look at our beautiful Nail Polish colours and give yourself a nice manicure. We have Nail Files, Hand Creams, Base and Top Coats to give your nails that professional look! 

As you can see, we have lots of goodies to help you stay positive in lockdown. Yes, we can't go to the hairdressers, the beauty salon, or our fave eatery's but  — we can bring it to us, and have a bit of fun with it!

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