Father's Day Gift Ideas

Jul 23, 2021by Gabby - F&F

I'm sure we can all agree that when it comes to gifting presents to your Dad, they don't make it easy! We are more often than not, faced with the answer of, "I don't want anything."

So let's dive in a little deeper to that answer and find out what he actually NEEDS. 

Raw Protein Isolate - Natural Raw Protein Isolate - Natural

Protein Powder & Snacks

Since lockdown, we have seen a lot more people getting some fresh air and sunshine, as they exercise in the outdoors. 

If your dad already enjoys his protein shakes, this is a no brainer, but for the more newbie dads, introduce them to Protein Powder. We have a wide range of delicious flavours that are easy to drink and will help them to look after their health, protein intake, recovery and repair of muscles. Grab a Shaker Bottle too and serve dad his protein drink as part of breakfast in bed.

For dads on the go, we have a number of delicious Protein Bars to choose from. These bars keep you satisified, help with muscle recovery and of course give you energy. Whilst chocolate is more of a want, who doesn't need a bit of indulgence? Treat dad to his favourite Vegan Chocolates too.

Boody Men's Original Briefs - BlackBoody Men's Original Briefs - Black

Socks & Undies

Now if your dad is a golfer, we're sure you've heard at least one or two dad jokes — ecspecially the, "Why did the golfer take a spair pare of undies? In case he got a hole in one." So get him that spare pair of Underwear. Inside joke gifts are always a bit more meaningful as there is a funny story behind it. Dad's appreciate this kind of thought. But undies and socks aren't a bad gift idea. It's never asked for, but is always needed. Boody have boxers and briefs that are thoughtfully constructed, designed for all-day comfort and cut from organically-grown bamboo. They are sustainably sourced making them the right choice for dad and the environment. We also have Etiko's Men's Trunks that are super comfortable too.

Our Conscious Step Socks are made to help with things like planting trees, tackling poverty and protecting animals. So why not gift for a good cause, they're pretty cool too!

Huskee Coffee Cup CharcoalHuskee Coffee Cup Charcoal

Reusable Coffee Cup

For all the dad's who love coffee and can't leave the house without one, a Reusable Coffee Cup is a great idea! Many coffee shops now accept reusable coffee cups and some even give you a discount for using them. So this is a great gift that keeps on giving, all whilst helping the environment too.

Our reusable coffee cups come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, so you can choose what's right for dad. 

If your dad isn't a fan of coffee, we have lot's of lovely Teas and Drinking Chocolates to fill their cups with.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes

Muscle Recovery

Letting your body recover, is super important for any form of sport, exercise or training. This process allows time for the body to heal and improve performance, whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Magnesium Bath Flakes, are perfect for muscle repair and recovery. Dad can enjoy a nice bath or foot bath and let the magnesium do its thing. Many people take magnesium for pain relief, whether that be muscular, headaches, migraines, insomnia, restless legs and sports strains. So a great gift for dad's with these symptoms. Shop the Amazing Oils range.

If you think he might prefer more of a muscle oil, try Simple As That Muscle Recovery Oil or for a rub, try The Physic Garden's Muscle Rub. Both help to ease the muscles and relieve any pain or aches.

Green And Kind Reusable Safety RazorsGreen And Kind Reusable Safety Razors

Man Care Pack

This year, why not make dad his own personal care pack! Our Reusable Safety Razors, provide a super close shave and are made to last. Getting one of these absolutelty ticks off the list of needs and he won't need a new razor for a long time. We have Shaving Cream and Shaving Brushes for a smooth shave or Beard Oils for nourishment. You can't go past some Shampoo & Conditioner and a Hair Brush or Comb too (if your dad still has hair that is). 

Deodorant is again one of those things that is never really asked for, but is needed. Our Natural Deodorants are 100% free from parabens and other hidden nasties, and they last ages. So help keep dad smelling nice all day long, you can't go wrong with a nice Cologne too.

Don't forget to include a thoughtful Card. Some nice words is all it takes to see dad smile.

We hope these gifts ideas have helped inspire you to find out what dad really needs and maybe, it'll make him think twice before he says he 'doesn't want anything' next time.

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