How To Make Your Own Natural Perfume

Mar 10, 2019by ECO.

There are lots of harsh chemicals and toxins in mainstream perfumes, and many are still tested on animals, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your love of beautiful scents. Maybe try making your own perfume and it's really easy


We've put an example of a recipe below but you can use any essential oils so test, try and mix it up to find your perfect scent. 

What you’ll need:



1. Add the following essential oils to a 10ml rollerball bottle:

2. Fill the the rollerball bottle with the carrier oil. Be sure to not fill right to the top to allow room to mix

3. Screw on rollerball lid and seal rollerball

4. Shake thoroughly


Application: Apply to wrists, neck, behind ears, middle of forearm, back of knees and décolletage.

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