Which Safety Razor Do I Choose?

Mar 11, 2019by Julie - F&F

Safety razors are a great choice when it comes to making eco-friendly changes. We use millions of plastic disposable razors annually and they end up in landfill most of the time. Not only does a safety razor help our planet it also helps your pocket.


A question we get asked a lot is which razor do you choose so we're here to help.

1. Ignore the numbers....

The number in the product name, eg Parker Safety Razor 29L. The 29L is the model number so a good thing to use if you want to do a bit more research online but it doesn't mean anything other than that.


2. Head Type

One of the main differences is the head type. You can choose a butterfly head, an open comb razor or the variant head. The butterfly head is the easiest to use and the most popular. More information below about the head types...

Butterfly Head - this is the most popular head. It's a twist-to-open head which you put blades in and gives a close shave. The 29L Lavender Safety Razor has a butterfly head. 

Open Comb Head - some people prefer the open comb razor as it's a bit more aggressive and can give a closer shaver. The comb helps lift the hairs in front of the blade. It's a bit more fiddly to change the blades as you need to take the head apart. The 63C has an open comb head

Variant Head - you can change the angle on the head of this razor to suit your shaving style and give a precision shave. The head comes apart like the open comb head. The variant razor is a more expensive razor but loved by many who use it. 


3. Weight

The weight of the razor is something else people consider. Some people prefer heavier razors and some people prefer lighter ones. Women generally choose lighter razors but that's not always the case. 


4. Length

The length is also a consideration. Longer razors like the 29L are often preferred by people shaving their legs whereas shorter razors, like the 76R, are often prefrred by people shaving their faces.


5. Look

The colour is purely cosmetic so pick one you like. Some handles are smooth and some textured and some people prefer the textured handle as it's more grippy. 


Other Questions

1. How long do they last?

Years, once you have one it will last a long time. You will need blades and you'll need to replace them.  

2. Do they come with blades?

No they don't so you'll need to buy those. We have them at F&F and they are very cheap. 

 3. How long do the blades last?

Anything from a week to a couple of months depending how often you shave and how tough your hair is. 

4. Can I recycle the blades?

Check with your council as some of them take blades to be recycled. We collect them in a jar and take them when the jar is full. 

5. Where do I store them?

Don't leave your razor in the shower. Store it in a dry place for longevity. 

6. Any tips for using them?

Slow and steady wins the race. Slow, straight lines is the ideal way to shave. You don't have a lubricating strip so you'll also want to use a shaving soap, foam or oil when shaving. 

You can find all our safety razors at Flora & Fauna. 

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