How To Look After Your Soap Bars

Nov 22, 2022by Gabby - F&F

If you're new to using solid beauty bars, you may be wondering what's the best way to store them. So, we've put together a handy list, to help you get the best out of your bars.

Whether you're a first timer or a repeat buyer — you'll love these tips!

Ethique Shampoo Bar Pinkalicious - Normal HairEthique Shampoo Bar Pinkalicious - Normal Hair

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Solid Bars 

But first, let us educate you on the many different forms of solid bars that exist here at F&F. We have:

Plus so much more! You get the picture. When you think about how many options there are, you can then start to imagine the amount of plastic regular beauty products take up in their packaging. So it's imperative we start making the switch. To get the most out of your solid bars, follow the tips below on how to store them, when they're not in use. 

Little Bit Daily Pine Soap Holder LargeLittle Bit Daily Pine Soap Holder Large

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How To Store Solid Bars Inside The Shower

When your bar is damp, it gets mushy, sticky and you end up using more than you need. But, when your bar is dry, it lasts longer, is easier to use and helps keep the shower tidy. So to keep your bars in top form, Soap Holders are a great addition. We love the Large Pine Soap Holder. They prolong the life of your bars and if you're a soap lover like us, you can store many bars on the one holder. Another fave, to keep your bars dry between uses, is the Safix Biodegradable Soap Rest. It is a great alternative to plastic holders and allows the water to drain, preventing your soap bars from going soggy.

For Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, we love the In Shower Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bar Containers. The containers, are specially designed to extend the bars life, by keeping them dry, whilst allowing them to breathe. Biode's Bamboo Air Drying Soap Holder is also super cool! It's unique magnetic design holds your shampoo, conditioner or soap bars firmly in place. Plus, bamboo is resistant to mould and mildew. With proper care, it'll last years.

Green + Kind Soap TinGreen + Kind Soap Tin

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How To Store Solid Bars Outside The Shower

For those beauty bars that are stored outside the shower (like deodorant paste, moisturisers, or even if you want your shampoo and conditioners and body soap outside), here's what we recommend!

Our Green + Kind Soap Tin is great for keeping your bars contained in a tight space to lock in it's natural magic. We also highly recommend carrying your bars in here, when travelling. Very sustainable and practical! Another cool one, which you may not have thought of, are Reusable Wraps — super diverse and not just great for storing food! These wraps are especially good for storing your bars during the summer time, to prevent melting. Just remember to put them in a cool place and out of sunlight. 

Speaking of summer, for those really hot days. Try popping your bars in a jar and then into the fridge. This will keep them well intact. Just remember to put a little sign so no one mistakes them as a treat.

When it comes to soap bars, remember to use, drain and dry it, to maximise your use!

As you can see, caring for your bars is just as important as using them, so we hope these tips come in handy. Let us know what other ways you like to store your bars — we're all here to learn!

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