Are Vegan Condoms A Thing?

Nov 24, 2022by Gabby - F&F

If you saw us in the Netflix sensation, Down To Earth With Zac Efron — you would have seen Zac being surprised that vegan condoms existed. So naturally, we thought there might be quite a few people out there who were unaware of this too.

It's safe to say, that vegan condoms are indeed such a thing — so let's explore the difference between vegan and non-vegan condoms and learn more about Jonny Condoms — the brand that has everyone talking! 

What's The Difference Between Vegan & Non-Vegan Condoms?

It's no secret that most condoms are made of latex. But what is latex? Latex is a fluid harvested from rubber tress. Now, we know what you're thinking...there's nothing in latex that makes them not vegan. Whilst that is true, what you might not have known is that brands actually soften the latex during the rubber-making process. They do this through using milk protein casein. When we look at the other end of the spectrum to see how vegan condoms are made, they replace the casein with plant-based alternatives such as thistle extract. Therefore, no casein or animal derived products are used. And yet, they work the exact same!

People starting out a plant-based or vegan lifestyle often have food, skincare and beauty products top of mind, so it's easy for the thought of what ingredients are used in condoms to lag behind. That's why it's important we're not only educated on these vegan alternatives, but to understand the benefits of using them, compared to regular condoms as well (if you're vegan or not).

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vegan Condoms?

Straight off the bat, here are four benefits:

  1. Health - vegan condoms, use natural and plant-based ingredients, so you're more likely to avoid yeast infections and irritations found in non-vegan brands that use harmful chemicals.
  2. Animal Welfare - vegan condoms do not use animal by-products or test on animals.
  3. Enviro-Friendly - vegan condoms are made of natural rubber latex from sustainably grown forests.
  4. Fair trade - vegan condom companies pay their workers a fair wage and ensure safe working conditions.
Jonny Vegan Condoms Green PackagingJonny Vegan Condoms Green Packaging

Image: Instagram/ @choose_jonny

Jonny Condoms

Jonny make natural rubber latex condoms that are vegan friendly. They are naturally lubricated and do not contain any spermicides or parabens. Plus, each Jonny Condom comes with a 100% biodegradable FabLittleBag so that you can dispose of your condom carefully, discreetly and most importantly, not down the toilet! How's that for environmentally-friendly? Their eco ways extend to their packaging, to which they use recyclable boxes and of course their natural latex ingredient, which breaks down over time, compared to non-latex versions that don't break down. 

Something else we love about Jonny Condoms, is their playful messages on their packaging. For example, "time to boss" and "cue nude shenanigans." It's these kind of messages that you can laugh about with your partner. Here at F&F we stock, the Overnighter (consisting of 3 condoms), the Weekender (6 pack), Lover's Dozen (13 pack funnily enough) and Let's Dance (30 pack). So whatever the occassion, stay safe and have fun. 

We hope this blog helped educate you on the difference between vegan and non-vegan condoms, the benefits of using vegan condoms and of course the playful brand, Jonny Condoms.

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