How To Initiate A Conversation In The Workplace, This R U OK Day?

Sep 07, 2022by Gabby - F&F

We are so grateful, R U OK Day? looks different to the last. People are able to see each other face-face again, catch up and not be limited to our social devices! 

This year, we are initiating a conversation in the workplace. Our team have appropriated R U OK Day's practical guide to help us ask questions in a safe and supportive way that works best for our team environment. Step inside to our R U OK Day? activites and learn how your team can get involved!

Hard Working TeamHard Working Team

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What We Did For R U Ok Day?

There's no denying that this year has been a tough one for our team. When the work environment is super busy and challenging it can be very easy to neglect and check in with our team mates on a more personal level. 

This is why R U Ok Day? is a super important reminder to check in more regularly. Asking are you okay can look different for everyone. For us, this looked like, having afternoon tea together, followed by some activities. These included:

  • Asking our team what's something that made them smile today? And what's something they can do to make someone else smile?
  • Writing notes to everyone, letting them know something they are doing we think is great!
  • Educational Kahoot game
  • Shared space for our team to open up about challenges.
  • After work team bonding sesh at Holey Moley.

Shared Advice From Our Team

During our R U OK Day? activities, we also asked our team, what helps them get through a hard time. Here's some advice we hope can help you:

  • Alina - "Journaling my thoughts. Writing it all out really helps me process how I'm feeling."
  • Emma - "Taking my dog Chuckie for a walk in nature and giving him lots of cuddles."
  • Nadia - "Meditation and exercise, especially a good boxing session."
  • Gabby - "A good cry helps me release all the negative energy and makes way for an improved mood."
  • Sarah - "Gardening is my happy place and a creative outlet for me."
  • Nick - "Guided Meditation first thing in the morning helps clear my mind and relieve stress."
Team WorkTeam Work

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How Can Your Team Get Involved?

The R U OK Day? website has so many great resources for your team to use.

You can encourage your team to wear yellow, as a symbol that you welcome conversations. Your team may like to organise a breakfast or lunch catchup, or you may prefer to get out of the office and have a nice chat over a walk in the great outdoors. Another great idea, is getting in a guest speaker - who is happy to share their own personal story, with lots of great advice.

Educating your team on what signs to look out for and how to respond to their co-workers who may not be okay is super important. Therefore a work environment that encourages openess and is a safe space for people to speak up is what R U OK Day is all about!

Importantly, we always let our team know that they don't have to share or say anything if they don't feel comfortable, but it's equally important to show our support and look out for signs where we think people may need some help.

There are so many great resources for you to look at over on R U OK Day's? website. So educate yourself and implement it in your workspace. Remember asking R U Ok? isn't something that should only be done today. Learn more in our blog here. Make an effort to check in on your team regularly by remembering to: Ask, Listen, Encourage Action & Check In. 

You can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1800 224 636 for additional support, or just someone to chat to. 

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