Homemade Calcium Rich Nut Mylk

Jul 13, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Do you find yourself struggling to finish a whole carton of plant-based milk before it goes off? Or do you buy so many cartons of plant-based milk a week that it's starting to get expensive, not to mention producing a lot of waste? Fear not, there's a solution! Ulu Hye's Nut Mylk Bases are better for you and the environment. Their mylk based paste comes in a recyclable/reusable glass jar. One jar is worth 10L — helping to remove 10 cartons of milk from landfill. Amazing, right?

Check out how Nina ensures she gets her calcium, whilst reducing waste and eating plant-based, following her recipe below.  

Vitus Wholefoods Calcium PowderVitus Wholefoods Calcium Powder


Note: Because the nut mylk bases aren't calcium fortified, Nina adds in her own calcium powder to ensure she still gets in her daily calcium. Vitus Wholefoods Calcium Powder supports the daily requirement for calcium to support strong bones and teeth and can easily be mixed in with foods and drinks.

Yellow Smoothie Bowl - Ulu Hye Plant-Based MilkYellow Smoothie Bowl - Ulu Hye Plant-Based Milk


  1. Simply blend all ingredients on high for about a minute
  2. Transfer to a bottle and chill in the fridge — ready to use for any milky drinks, oats, smoothies, etc.

Note: Contains over 335mg calcium per cup.

This recipe requires just 3 simple ingredients and a blender. That's all there is to it. Within seconds you will have fresh, homemade, creamy non-dairy milk. It also works great for creamy sauces and dressings.

Easy, delicious and kind to the planet is what you get with this homemade calcium rich nut mylk recipe!

Adding in some calcium into your nut mylk, helps you stay on top of the daily calcium requirements your body needs. Just one teaspoon of the Vitus Wholefoods Calcium Powder is equivalent to one serve, ensuring bone strength and density, strong nails and teeth.

We're so glad we can bring you vegan alternatives to food and drinks, whilst ensuring your health doesn't have to compromise. 

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Recipe by naturally_nina_

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