Eco-Friendly Secret Santa Inspiration

Oct 31, 2020by Annie - F&F

So you’ve drawn a name out of a hat and have the wrapping ready to go, but coming up with a great eco gift idea for your Secret Santa can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of F&F goodies that we think make perfect gifts - just scroll through the list below to see which individual trait best matches your Secret Santa!

Gifts For The Green Thumb

Urban Greens Mini Garden Kale - White BoxUrban Greens Mini Garden Kale - White Box

Urban Greens

Plants of all varieties make for wonderful gifts come Christmas. What’s even better is if that plant is edible! Urban Green’s range of grow kits contain everything you need to start and cultivate your own little collection of herbs, leafy greens, fruits, veggies, and new sprouts kits! The Australian company sources the seeds locally and completes each kit with cute peat pots, growing substrate discs, labels and of course a recipe and instruction booklet to help guide and inspire you along the way.

Grow Your Own Tea Kits

The range of Grow Your Own Tea Kits are ideal for anyone that loves a good cuppa - each kit also comes with a ‘proper’ sized enamel mug (nice and large!). Select from peppermint, chamomile, echinacea or lemon balm to treat your Secret Santa to a fun and delicious pressie. They will think of you every time they enjoy a cup of their homegrown tea. From $24.95.

Gifts For the Zero Waste Enthusiast

Know someone who's trying to reduce their waste, or perhaps someone you think needs to? We have heaps of great zero-waste, on the go options that are perfect for Secret Santa!

Green + Kind Natural Wood Cutlery Set LuxeGreen + Kind Natural Wood Cutlery Set Luxe

Reusable Cutlery

We love the Green + Kind Cutlery, especially the Natural Wood Luxe Set - complete with a little pouch it's perfect for on the go. 

We've got lots of reusable cutlery sets that are perfect for festivals, camping or just even keeping in your bag so you don't have to accept single-use plastic cutlery at food trucks or takeaway restaurants. 



And if your Secret Santa doesn't have a Reusable Cup then that's a must buy. We love the bright colours from KeepCup, they even have a Star Wars Range which makes fabulous Christmas gifts.

Gifts For the Chocolate Lover

Treat Dreams Vegan ChocolateTreat Dreams Vegan Chocolate

Treat Dreams

Nothing says Christmas quite like a little indulgence, and we have a huge selection to indulge in. From White Chocolate to Cookies & Cream, Berries & Cream to The Party Bar, you can't look past the new range from Treat Dreams when it comes to picking out some chocolate for your Secret Santa.

Vego Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate Bar (85g)Vego Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate Bar (85g)

Vego Chocolate

If hazelnut chocolate is your thing, Vego is where it's at. Pralines, spread, bars and more, Vego is a vegan chocolate lovers dream. If you were a fan of Nutella before going vegan, the Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is just as good! 

Gifts For the Beauty Queen

If you Secret Santa loves taking care of themselves, or you think they are in need of a little pampering, we have just the selection for you!


The ANSC Scents of Australia PackThe ANSC Scents of Australia Pack

Australian Natural Soap Company

We love the entire range from The Australian Natural Soap Company, choose from Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, luxury soaps, shave kits and Beard Shampoo. This range is plastic-free, vegan, made in Australia, and comes in compostable packaging, so what's not to love?

Elate Amplify Beauty Kit - Prim & MysticElate Amplify Beauty Kit - Prim & Mystic

Elate Cosmetics 

Our favourite Canadian, vegan makeup brands had just launched these beautiful Amplify Beauty Kits featuring dazzling colours just in time for Christmas! 

If the person you're buying for is a natural makeup lover, they will love these gorgeous colours and classic Elate mascara to complete their Christmas Day look. 

Gifts For the Socially Conscious Colleague

Conscious Step Socks

Gifting socks can seem a little cliche, but these stylish goods from Conscious Step are anything but your average pair of cotton socks. Every pair of Conscious Step socks supports a partner organisation to carry out world-changing work. The company works with partners based on the direct impact that the organisation provides in the world.

From planting trees to feeding children, they look for the small actions that add up to a big impact. Each sock also comes with an embroidered symbol that represents the impact you’ve created and the cause you are supporting. 


Green + Kind Produce BagsGreen + Kind Produce Bags

Green + Kind Reusable Bags

We also love these incredibly practical produce bags from Green + Kind, a brilliant gift for anyone trying to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Never again will you have to seek out and fiddle with the classic supermarket plastic produce bag dispenser, but instead have your own reusable, eco-friendly bags that can be simply stored away in the handy (and adorable) pouch. Once the shopping is done, you can just pop your produce straight in the fridge as the bags are made from breathable, 100% rPET (recycled drink bottles) material. Available in both 4pk or 8pk, they are a perfect, feel-good gift that will make both your Secret Santa and the planet happy! 


Gifts For Someone Who Loves To Bake


The Gluten Free Food Co. Chocolate Cake Mix (500g)The Gluten Free Food Co. Chocolate Cake Mix (500g)

The Gluten-Free Food Co

There’s no denying Christmas is a time for indulgence - feast your eyes on this delectable gluten-free and vegan Chocolate Cake Mix from The Gluten-Free Food Co! If you're looking for something easy to whip up for Christmas lunch and impress your friends and family, this one's a winner! 

Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies Gingerbread Loaf Mix (380g)Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies Gingerbread Loaf Mix (380g)

Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies

If you're feeling festive, this Gingerbread Loaf Mix is the perfect gift for the keen baker! These baking mixes are quick, simple and delicious! 

Gifts For The Eco Homemaker

Retro Kitchen

If you want a gorgeous treat for someone who loves having an eco-friendly home try these compostable dishcloths. In gorgeous designs, they are fun and functional and only $6.95 each. Shop Retro Kitchen Dishcloths

Green + Kind Reusable Silicone Food Pouch 3 PackGreen + Kind Reusable Silicone Food Pouch 3 Pack

Green + Kind Eco Kitchen Supplies

Little known secret - Green + Kind is our own brand! We're very excited to have some new eco kitchen essentials added to our range like these reusable silicone bags, new dish brushes, loofah kitchen scrubs and more. 

Bonus Secret Santa idea: Gifts For The Office Dog!


It’s not a glamorous present, however an extremely useful one! Perfect for when you’re tasked with taking the office dog out and about during the day. These bags are perfect to keep in the office so that you’re never caught out by any unexpected surprises. The BioBags doggy bags are certified compostable and are a brilliant alternative to plastic bags. 

Ethique Shampoo Bar Shampooch for Sensitive Dogs (110g)Ethique Shampoo Bar Shampooch for Sensitive Dogs (110g)

Dog Shampoo

A stinky office dog is no fun for everyone! Give the office pooch the gift of silky, beautiful smelling fur! Whether Spot belongs to you or a colleague, dog shampoo is a wonderful gift and treat for your furry friend! 


Finding a suitable eco-friendly Secret Santa gift can be a bit of a mission, however, by putting your own touch on some of these ideas you can create a really memorable and much-loved present. Christmas is of course not just about the presents but the act of giving and receiving, which what makes this time of year so wonderfully special!

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