Looking for an Ethical Secret Santa

Looking for an Ethical Secret Santa

2017-11-20 07:15:00
By: F&F

It's that time of the year when you might need to buy something for that person you've met once or only exchanged pleasantries with by the water cooler. So what do you buy that isn't a waste of $20 and won't end up being re-gifted (not that we mind).

So here are a few ideas that might earn you a few office brownie points and are pretty good for the planet too! 



Reusable Coffee Cup

If you know the person drinks tea, or coffee, this could be the perfect gift. We have spill proof ones from Cheeki, insulated ones from Uppercup or KeepCups. And if they are a Star Wars fan we have these to suit. Shop reusable coffee and tea cups


Vegan Food Wraps 

There are some products we sell which people just love and this is one of them. It's a real 'ooo what is that' gift and we have lots of different patterns. So if they are fans of bringing their lunch to work you could get them one of these. The Jumbo wraps are the ones that might meet your Kris Kringle budget. Shop Vegan Wraps



Need we say more; you could grab them a selection from Pana Chocolate, The Chocolate Yogi and Loving Earth. If you are spending up to $40 on Secret Santa our Chocolate Lovers Gift Box might work. 


Straw & Pouch

I think this might be just a perfect Secret Santa with a choice between a smoothie straw, bamboo straw or standard straw and a handy certified organic cotton pouch to put them in. Shop Straws and Pouches. 


Charcoal Toothpaste 

It might seem an odd one but so many people love charcoal and get over excited when they see this toothpaste so why not grab them a tube for under $20. It will definitely be a talking point. 


Body Scrubs

I've often received a body scrub as a Secret Santa and never been disappointed so how about one from Buddy Scrub, Butt Naked or Bean Body, all vegan and cruelty free. Perfect coming in to Summer and a treat for that person who rarely gets 'me' time. 


Energy Mists and Perfumes

Do you work with someone who just loves perfume? We have a gorgeous range from Vanessa Megan, IME, Cedar + Stone and more. Plus many are desktop size! And if you work with someone who needs to clear negative energy every now and then Cedar + Stone's Energy Clearing Mist is spot on! Shop Perfumes and Mists


Onya Produce Bags or a Bread Bag

These are a great gift under $20 and something people use everyday so oe of the best Secret Santas we know of. Shop Onya


Copper Bottle

If you want to splurge one of our ayurvedic copper bottles will be loved! Many of our customers have bought them as Secret Santa gifts. 


Reusable water bottle

We have bottles from 321 Water, Honua, Fearsome BBBYO and more. The animals from Fearsome are gorgeous and, we think, make great gifts if your spend limit is a little higher. Shop Water Bottes


You can shop our Secret Santa Gifts at Flora & Fauna. 


Let us know your thoughts!

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