Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Oct 28, 2020by Olivia - F&F

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's the middle of the year, and daylight savings time has come to brighten up our days (literally) from the dreary cloud that 2020 has hung over us. We're sure many of you are asking for a redo on this year, but chin up — Spring is here (in Australia) to give you a whole new outlook on the rest of the year!

As we all come out of our wintry hibernation, we realise that all the nuts we've stored have got to go! It's time to clear out the knick-knack and bric-a-brac we've accumulated over time for short term fun... You know, those home pottery kits and other DIY things that are collecting dust on the shelf? Yep, time to go! 

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning doesn't just mean getting out your Dyson or doing a thorough mop of the floors, it's the perfect time to ask yourself: "Does this item spark joy?", thanks, Marie Kondo. 

Now, where to start? 

Think of the rooms you spend the most time in — this is most likely to be the bedroom, lounge room and kitchen. If it's too overwhelming to know where to start, don't worry! 

We’ve put together a handy Spring Cleaning checklist to help you tackle your spring cleaning this year. If you’re in need of some new vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly cleaning products, don’t forget to check out F&F’s amazing range cleaning range.


The Bedroom

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Bed

On average, we spend 33 years in bed and 26 of those years sleeping! It’s safe to say that your bed is pretty important. 

A few things to consider...

  • Is it time for a new mattress? 
  • Do I need new sheets? 
  • Has my pillow lost its shape? 

Under the bed

This is indeed a scary place to explore… Not because your childhood fears of monsters might still be lingering, but because the things that have collected dust and fluff might be unrecognisable and difficult to clean. Don't fall victim to this! Pull your bed to the side and expose these hidden treasures. 

For an extra clean feeling, spray your mattress with Euclove Natural Bedding & Mattress Spray and keep any bed bugs, mites & lice away. 


The Closet

Cleaning your closet can seem like an overwhelming task! We get it — you've likely been putting it off for years, but we can all agree that there's nothing better than a clean, organised closet.

If you're considering getting rid of a few things, make sure you're disposing of them responsibly. Yes, you can donate old clothes that are still in good condition, but where do your holey socks and tattered t-shirts go? You have a few options:

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Textile Recycling 

Some clothing retailers and organisations have textile recycling programs. Take a look at Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You guide for more information. You can also send your socks, undies and most other textiles to Upparel (formally known as ManRags).

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Donate Your Clothes

A quick Google search will reveal lots of places where you can donate your old clothes. We recommend finding smaller non-profit organisations or women’s shelters where there may be more of a need.

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Repair Old Clothing 

It’s time to get out your needle and thread! Simple tears and missing buttons can be easily repaired at home. With the rise of fast fashion, mending your clothes has almost become a lost art form. Give extra life to your tattered garments — it’s better for the environment, too!

The Bathroom 

Shower & Bathtub

This might seem a bit straight forward. A good scrub with a natural descaler will make your bathtub and shower sparkle, but it's not just this that makes a clean area. You might have various half-empty shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles that you switch between that are taking up unnecessary space. Consider converting to a Zero Waste Bathroom that'll take up half the space! 

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Vanity 

If you have some full products that you've decided not to use — don't throw them out. If they're things you've bought from Flora & Fauna, consider posting in The Flora & Fauna Family Facebook group and see if there's someone that might want to take them off your hands. Feel free to join!

Not sure what to do with your empty beauty products? Recycle them with us through our Recycle & Save program! We take any old beauty products (no glass please) and recycle it with TerraCycle. You can send things like toothpaste tubes, makeup & foundation tubes, face cleanser bottles, and much more. Make sure to check out Recycle & Save page for things we accept. 

Some lightly used items you don't feel comfortable emptying or donating? Give them to a close friend or family member to enjoy. You never know, they might find a new favourite!

 Check out Flora & Fauna’s range of bathroom cleaning products.

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Laundry

Have you tried a few different laundry detergents? Don't worry; we’re in the same boat. Whether you're a fan of the Ecoeggsoapberries, or conventional laundry liquid, make a mental note of what's your favourite and stick to it. Here at F&F, we’re a massive fan of plastic-free and chemical-free laundry options — it’s better for you, your family, and our waterways. Shop our huge range of laundry products

If you go for a laundry liquid, make the extra effort to buy refills or find a refill station near you. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually filled with plastic, disposable products. Part of doing a big spring clean is assessing where you can reduce your plastic usage and make some sustainable swaps. Check out this blog for some inspiration! Or, shop F&F’s kitchen and food storage products.  

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Pantry & Cupboards 

If you’re anything like us, the back of your pantry is unknown territory — filled with jars, sachets and (many) expired products. Recycle what you can and throw out the rest. Spring is a great time to take everything out and give the surfaces in your pantry a really good clean. 

Also, collecting glass jars is really fun for bulk food shopping, but once you've got enough, consider doing something else with them. 

  • Make jam and give them away as presents 
  • Have a candle making night with friends 
  • Donate them to your local op shop

The Fridge & Freezer 

Another forbidden area that we neglect every year! A few general rules that we wrote about in our 10 Tips For Sustainable September blog to avoid food waste are:

  • Create an 'Eat Me First' box
  • Freeze leftovers and label meals
  • Make veggie stock with veggie scraps. 

Is the back of your fridge and freezer filled with expired food and empty containers? You’ll feel so much better if you spend 20-30 minutes sorting everything out. 

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning ChecklistYour Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Living Room

The living room is often a pretty neglected area. But, we do most of our relaxing here, so it’s essential to keep it clean and tidy. 

Start by washing your cushion covers and shampooing the rug or carpet. Do a deep clean and vacuum behind and under everything! Dust and polish the furniture and mop up coffee or wine spills. Freshen things up with some new cushions, a new plant, or a decorative item. 


If you have an office space, you know how quickly it can become a mess! First, recycle any paperwork and documents that you don’t need anymore. Take some time to organise all the bits of paper you have, and invest in some folders so they don’t get lost. 

Next, sanitise your whole workspace — including your keyboard, mouse, monitor and desk. If your workspace is dull and uninspiring, pin up some inspirational quotes or images to get you motivated. Bring some greenery into your space, too. Seeing and smelling plants/flowers can help to ground us and bring us back to the present moment. 


If your garage and backyard space is full of junk, it’s time for a spring clean! Go through all power tools, sporting equipment, toys, furniture (and whatever else you have lying around), and assess whether you need them anymore. If your mentality is “out of sight, out of mind”, then the problem will only get bigger and bigger.

Do your future self a favour and sell or donate that old exercise bike that you never use, or those old toys that just collect dust. Post your items to Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or eBay to give them a new home.

In your backyard, make sure you keep up with the weeding and clean out your gutters for proper bushfire preparedness. 


Need some more spring cleaning inspiration? Check out our 2019 spring cleaning blog for more tips and tricks.  

Shop all of Flora & Fauna’s eco-home cleaning essentials.  

Good luck, and happy cleaning!



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