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Aug 16, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Are you looking for a new, yet delicious health snack? Try Barukas Nuts — the world's healthiest nut!

Darin Olien - superfood hunter, NYT best-selling author and star of Netflix Series Down to Earth with Zac Efron, stumbled across the Baruka Nuts in Brazil whilst travelling the world for the healthiest superfoods. They have been known by the Indigenous culture for a millenia, but were literallly unheard of anywhere else... until now!

These nuts are packed with protein, contain high fibre, have 25% less fat calories than any other nut and have 3x the antioxidants.  

Not only are these nuts good for you, but they are good for the planet too! What exactly do we mean by this? You'll have to keep on reading to find out.

Barukas Nuts - Original Barukas Nuts - Original

Barukas Nuts | How They Help The Planet

Baruka nuts are found in Cerrado. A tropical region in South America. They grow on what's called a baruzeiro tree. Cerrado is the most biodiverse savanna on the planet and covers an area 3x the size of Texas. Over the years however, the forest has seen many trees been cut down. This had been a huge threat to the environment that needed a true miracle.

Luckily, Darin stumbled across that miracle with the baruka nuts. The high growth rate of these nuts, has provided new hope and opportunity, to reverse the impact of deforestation. How? Well for one, barukas nuts have committed to planting a baruzeiro tree in the wild for every 5 pounds of barukas they collect. So not only do we have the opportunity to replant these trees and expand the forest, but it also helps put an end to deforestation and allows the Indigenous community to make a living off the land. How amazing!

Barukas Trail Mix Barukas Trail Mix

Barukas Nuts | How Do They Taste?

Common misperceptions on health snacks, is that if they're healthy they don't taste any good. This is not the case for barukas nuts. In fact once Darin found these super nuts, he was so sure of their taste that he went straight to the local health food store, to get people's real reactions to barukas for the first time.

Comments like 'beautiful, fantastic, tastes like a cookie, tastes like popcorn and peanut buttery' all came to mind. But to give you some more clarity, they taste somewhere between a peanut and a cashew. Yum!

We know the barukas nuts are antioxidant-rich, but what you probably didn't know is that they have more antioxidant power than blueberries, and contain essential minerals including magnesium, potassium and zinc. 

Barukas Nut Butter Barukas Nut Butter

The Range

What's really great about the barukas nuts, is that they already come in a wide range.

The Original Barukas Nuts, contain roasted baruzerio tree nuts and the Salted Barukas Nuts has this too, with the addition of some pink himalayan salt. 

The Trail Mix is entirely made from the delicious nuts and fruit of the baruzeiro tree. The dried fruit is mildly sweet and chewy.

If you love nut butters, you have to try Barukas Nut Butter. This smooth, creamy and lightly sweet nut butter is made from of course the delicious nuts and fruit of the baruzeiro tree. It is delicious on a piece of toast or as a topper for a smoothie bowl.

There's really no other nut that compares! Barukas nuts are a win- win for you, your health, the world and the Indigenous community. We highly recommend you try them. You can shop the range here.

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