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Mar 25, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Good makeup — cruelty-free, vegan, natural, zero-waste and multipurposed. These are the foundations of Axiology Beauty

With Axiology, you will find beauty products in a diverse range of colours. Their 3-in-1 makeup crayons are great for using on eyes, lips & cheeks, and are just one of the many ways they are working to alleviate waste.

We're chatting to the Founder of Axiology, Ericka Rodriguez to find out a little more about her inspiration for starting this wonderful beauty brand, the products and zero-waste — read on!

Axiology Founder Ericka RodriguezAxiology Founder Ericka Rodriguez

Meet Ericka — Founder Of Axiology

Ericka is a capricorn, a vegan, describing herself as eating 'too much' tofu and never thought she would run a beauty company. But now, 9 years after launching she continues to create gorgeous vegan and zero waste balmies!

Tell us about your journey! 

I started making my own lipsticks in 2013 after discovering that the makeup I was using was tested on animals and used animal-derived ingredients. As a lifelong animal lover / activist I was horrified! I initially looked for a good vegan + cruelty-free lipstick but they were all super drying. I thought it would be fun to start formulating vegan lipstick in my tiny kitchen. The main challenge I faced was that I don’t actually have a background in chemistry or beauty. I spent a lot of time figuring out things that would have taken a real chemist 5 seconds.

Multi-Purpose Balmies

A 3 in-1 makeup product. Does it get any better? These makeup crayons, contain just 10 clean ingredients — no palm-oil.

How did you come up with the idea of making the balmies multi-used?

Our customers are super minimal and simple in their makeup routines and I wanted to make a product for them. I too really love multi-use products — they cut down on waste (which was a major goal of ours when creating our balmies) and makes getting ready super fast and easy. I love being able to apply one balmie all over my face for a complete look.

Zero-Waste Beauty Packaging 

Axiology is saving tens of thousands of cosmetic packaging going into landfill with their zero waste beauty packaging. 

Tell us about the packaging you use. 

When a balmie crayon is completely used up, all you have left is the crayon wrapping paper and the carrying case. These are both recyclable and compostable and the carrying case is made from 100% recycled paper — no virgin materials. So nothing ends up in a landfill. 

Our packaging is also special because all of our boxes are handmade by women in Bali. The women collect paper trash from around the island (from schools, government offices, and hotels) and then use traditional methods of recycling to create our boxes.

A big part of the beauty industry is often hidden. We don't tend to see the ugly side of beauty. Animal testing isn't something that comes to mind when we think of beauty, but it's definitely something we need to be more mindful of when choosing our beauty products moving forward. Everything sold at F&F is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We've done the research for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

If you're looking to make the switch to Vegan And Zero Waste Beauty, here are some helpful words from Ericka, "There is really no noticeable difference anymore between animal derived makeup products and vegan products. You can get the same performance, color payoff, and staying power. The cool thing about vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics is that they do not contribute to animal cruelty."

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