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Mar 25, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Want chocolate that's good for you, your soul and the planet? Try Chow Cacao's mouthwatering range of chocolate bars, rocky road and easter eggs!

Rocky RoadRocky Road

About Chow Cacao

Chow Cacao, specialises in making delicious raw, organic, vegan chocolate in Byron Bay.

We chatted to Wil, Founder and Ceo of Chow Cacao who told us a little bit more about how the business started. "My partner Trudy started the business 6 years ago while she was into raw foods. She couldn’t find a raw vegan chocolate which tasted like real chocolate on the market (as most of them, even today, taste very coconutty and not like a traditional chocolate). So, she started to make her own chocolate and gained a lot of interest from local stores as there were no raw organic chocolate brands in the area back then."

Today, their hometown of Byron Bay continues to inspire everything they do with the brand —  from their fun, summer flavours to their 70s-esque packaging.

Chow Cacao FoundersChow Cacao Founders

How Chocolate Is Bringing People Together

Meet Wil and Trudy —  a couple of sweet tooths and the brain and brawn behind Chow Cacao.

"Trudy and I met in a little production kitchen here in Byron Bay and that’s where our love story and Chow Cacao began. Trudy had just moved into a bigger production space and I had just started to make coconut milk for another company to make a few bucks and save up for my next travels as I initially only came to Byron Bay to visit friends. Trudy had to come to our production kitchen where we milked the coconuts to clean her dishes. She gave me a bar of Crunchy Mint Chocolate and I was blown away by her and the chocolate! We started going out, I’ve joined her on her chocolate journey and we became partners in life and in business. 6 years later, many chocolates made, 2 beautiful kids and we are still dreaming up new creations."

Chow Cacao ChocolateChow Cacao Chocolate

Is Chow Cacao Healthy?

Like us, you might be wondering if Chow Cacao's Chocolate is healthy. So we got an answer from the experts themselves.

"Our chocolate is made with very simple raw and organic ingredients. We use the highest grade Peruvian cacao which it itself is a superfood and coconut sugar which is one of the healthiest sugars you can consume. Instead of taking the sugar out we replace it with sugar which is better for you and doesn’t spike your blood-sugar levels so you have a constant energy source. Our chocolate is fun and a treat made better for you!"

The other question we were dying to know, was what's the best part of making chocolate? Wil says, "knowing that we put a smile on peoples faces and of course to have chocolate on tap all day, everyday."

Chow Cacao Sustainable PackagingChow Cacao Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

If the chocolates weren't enough to convince you, you might like to know that all Chow Cacao's Chocolates come in sustainable packaging, and are 100% home compostable. 

So what exactly are the chocolates wrapped in? They are wrapped in 100% plant-based and home-compostable bags, then heat-sealed to maintain freshness, and the inner and outer sleeves are printed with soy inks, and 100% recyclable. Pretty cool right?

The team at Chow Cacao, are always dreaming up new flavours of delicious chocolate, so make sure you visit our website to check out what new chocolate combo's they come up with next. For now, there's a wonderful range of delicious chocolates to try, just in time for Easter too. Shop Chow Cacao here.

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