6 Camping Essentials For Your Next Trip

Jan 08, 2021by Justine - F&F

Summer is the perfect time to get away from the city and spend a little time in the great outdoors! Camping is all about relaxing so we've put together a list of essential vegan camping items to make it even easier for you to pack up, pitch a tent and spend some time with nature. 

Roasting vegan marshmallowsRoasting vegan marshmallows

Vegan Marshmallows For Roasting On The Fire

Is it really camping without ooey gooey, golden brown marshmallows roasting on an open fire? We think not! 

You may not know — not all marshmallows are vegan. Why you ask? GELATINE! Gelatine is an animal byproduct often consisting of bones and other nasties we're not into. 

The good news? Dandies Marshmallows are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and... darn delicious! 

Keep Mossies Away With A Parakito Wristband

There's nothing worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitos! Not to worry, we've got the perfect solution... Parakito Wristbands!

These nifty little things are an ingenious design filled with a secret essential oil formula that mossies aren't too keen on. The pellets are refillable and have slow-release technology to help reduce your appeal to mosquitos and keep them at bay! 

Lots of different colours and sizes available for kids and adults. You won't want to go anywhere without yours! 


The Mug For Everything

Retro Kitchen Enamel Mugs are top of our list of camping essentials. These mugs are lightweight, durable and made from high-quality metal with an enamel coating.

Use them for coffee in the morning, hot chocolate or tea at night, an instant soup, mashed potatoes or even vegan mac & cheez! 

These are the key to travelling light whilst camping and who wants to do more than one dish on holidays anyway?


Plantasy Instant Mashed Potato Low Carb (150g)Plantasy Instant Mashed Potato Low Carb (150g)

Instant Mashed Potato

This is one of our personal favourites to take camping as it's quick and easy to prepare, vegan, gluten-free and has great nutritional value!

This instant mash comes in 4 flavours: Plantasy Instant Mashed Potato (original), Potato with Carrot, Potato Low Carb, Potato with Spinach

Plantasy also offers a large range of instant soups and vegan mac 7 cheez! 


EcoSouLife Reusable Camping Set - OrangeEcoSouLife Reusable Camping Set - Orange

Reusable Camping Set 

Again, you don't want to spend your whole camping trip doing dishes, do you? Make your life easier with this reusable set including a plate, cup, cutlery and a mesh carry bag for easy drying. 

This set is durable, biodegradable, and best of all it's made from a mix of soybean shells, lignin, corn and rice husk. When buried, these products return back to nature, which we love! 

They come in lots of beautiful colours too so you can have your own personal set! 

Natural Bug Balm 

If the mossies really love you, you might want to rub this all over, especially around your ankles, this seems to be where mosquitos feast on you and we're not sure why! 

This balm comes in a push-up, compostable tube, and contains citronella, lavender, neem and peppermint and has been tested by Jo, maker of Viva La Body products who lives in Darwin with lots of mossies! 

If you're partial to a spray, we've got that too. 


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