Your Ideas for a Plastic Free Life

Jul 19, 2018by F&F

A couple of weeks ago we ran a competition across our social pages asking what steps you were taking to minimise your plastic usage for #PlasticFreeJuly. The response was overwhelming so we want to share some of those ideas to inspire you all.

Because of the impressive variety and creativity, we decided that we had to collate and share some of the brilliant ideas and hacks from around the country. We’re hoping that they will encourage you as much as they've motivated us to continue our plastic-free journey over into August and beyond. As you’ve clearly shown, there are countless ways to avoid plastic - here’s just a snapshot.



Reusables for when you’re on the move - You committed to...:

  • Using produce bags for shopping and storing your fruit and vegetables. The Swag Bag is a clear favourite for keeping your produce fresher for longer.
  • Keeping your reusable coffee cups with you at all times, or going without coffee if you haven't got it with you - this is some serious and impressive commitment (from all of us coffee lovers here at F&F!)
  • Refusing the plastic straw and opting to use a bamboo or stainless steel straw (which works a treat in a G&T, as recommended by one of our customers).
  • Taking a reusable drink bottle whenever you’re on the go - whether you’re heading to work or jetting off on a plane, it’s a must-have addition to any bag/duffle.
  • Ensuring your reusable cutlery set is in arm’s reach no matter where you escape to for lunch.
  • Minimising waste by opting to use a menstrual cup!


Switching it up for a greener life: You swapped your…:

  • Plastic toothbrushes for bamboo biodegradable toothbrushes, helping to eliminate over 30 million plastic toothbrushes that end up in Australian landfill each year.
  • Regular suds for eco-friendly (an F&F fave) soapberries, reducing your waste and exposure to chemicals.
  • Every day loo paper for Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper.
  • International packaged foods for more locally sourced bulk buys.
  • Glad wrap or cling film for the reusable Agreena 3 in 1 Eco Kitchen Wrap and Wrappa Vegan Wraps. (The agreena wraps were a favourite for replacing your baking tray paper too!)
  • Soap pumps for naked soap bars. (Same applied for your shampoo and conditioner).
  • Disposable dish cloths for biodegradable dish cloths - There’s no denying we love our Rosie.
  • Household products for eco-friendly alternatives such as Ecostore (best seller) - All their packaging is made from recyclable sugar-cane.
  • Plastic razors for safety razors.
  • Single-use coffee pods for reusable coffee capsules.
  • Easy to dispose of paper towel for worn-out clothes (they can be easily washed and reused.)
  • Tea bags for tea leaves.


Easy hacks for a simplified plastic free life: You inspired us to...:

  • Stop buying packaged veggies and/or choose less packaging.
  • Store our nuts, seeds and flours in glass containers and jars - so many enviable coordinated pantry shelves!
  • Keep our cotton tote bags folded up in our canvas bag for unplanned trips to the shops.
  • Use old newspapers to line the bathroom bin.
  • Use a recycling bin in the bathroom!
  • Compost food/use worm farms.
  • Shop locally and in bulk (farmers markets were highly recommended) and cook in large batches.
  • Bake our own bread and store in reusable bread bags.
  • Collect our soft plastic to recycle at REDcycle
  • Choosing to eat-in rather than take-away and shop at packaging free stores/markets.
  • Grow our own veggies.
  • Take our own container to the bakery or deli.
  • Choose to shop online with companies with minimal packaging and no sticky tape.
  • Rinse out zip-lock bags.
  • Choose to use cloth nappies (very popular tip!)
  • Compile a list of where most of our waste comes from and try to find alternatives/ find the best ways to dispose of the things via Recycling Near You website.


DIY - Your creativity was endless with...:

  • Colourful and bright homemade wax paper in lieu of cling film.
  • Making your own bathroom products i.e. soap bars and toothpaste.
  • Getting your sewing machine out to make produce bags, unpaper towels, make-up remover pads, shopping totes (out of old jeans).
  • Learning to crochet and creating your own reusable bags. Or our favourite, ‘crocheting with plarn’ - using old plastic bags and donating them to anyone that complains about not having free plastic bags.
  • Using school holidays as the perfect time to teach the young ones to make reusable goodies.


Sharing is caring - you help others by...:

  • Sharing and discussing Plastic Free July with the young learners at before and after school care.
  • Educating communities in aged care homes.
  • Keeping metal straws and keep cups in the workplace - encouraging your work colleagues to start their own journey.
  • Reaching out to suppliers you work with and starting a conversation to change their packaging.
  • Printing off our reduce plastic posters and putting them up around the office and at home.
  • Holding garage sales to recycle your preloved goods and shopping at second-hand stores.
  • Gathering your colleagues and heading down to different beaches each week to clean up all the non-organic materials.
  • Organising recycling bins for the office and sending your used Australian post parcel bags over to Terracycle.
  • Creating a 'pledge board' at work and encouraging your colleagues to make a behavior change for the month.

There were many many more brilliant suggestions and recommendations, (which you can find over on our social pages.) From all of us here at F&F we couldn’t be more grateful for our community that continues to support and encourage us Your enthusiasm and genuine love for our planet makes us excited to do what we do. THANK YOU!

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