Discover The Benefits of Mushrooms

Jul 14, 2018by F&F

While the thought of drinking mushrooms may sound strange, many cultures have been doing this in the form of teas and tinctures for thousands of years.

This concept is not new, however, the delivery system and ease of adding them into our modern-day lives is, which is why we’re very excited to stock Four Sigmatic, Orchard Street, Life Cykel and Botanika Blends at F&F.

Why Mushrooms? 

Considered to be the original ‘superfood’, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries for their energy-boosting and immune-strengthening properties. We’re not talking about your average white button or portobello mushrooms here, which are of course delicious, but a specific variety of mushrooms that are renowned for their adaptogenic properties— meaning that they work with the body to regulate imbalances and restore a variety of bodily systems while boasting their own unique qualities.

Health Benefits of MushroomsHealth Benefits of Mushrooms

Meet The Mushrooms

There are many different mushrooms and four core ones - chaga, reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane - they are renowned for their effectiveness in supporting a variety of needs for every part of your day. To help you on your way in making your mushroom choice, we’ve detailed the core four mushrooms below and their unique functions in optimising health.

Chaga MushroomChaga Mushroom

Wellness With Chaga Mushroom 

Chaga, also known as the king of mushrooms, is famous for its medicinal properties. It’s been used since the 17th century to help guard against several diseases because of its high antioxidant properties. The chaga mushroom is an excellent source of antioxidants and contains beta-glucans to encourage the production of lymphocytes (white blood cells) to support immune function. Life Cykel's Chaga Liquid Extract can be added to water or a smoothie. You can even add it to your baking to increase the goodness of your muffins.

Cordyceps MushroomCordyceps Mushroom

Energise With Cordyceps

The next mushroom, cordyceps is extremely famous in Asia and is actually known as a sacred treasure. Cordyceps help produce energy and can assist our adrenals and stress hormones. It’s known for its natural ability to fight inflammation and support exercise by helping blood oxygenation. It supports the body in the production of energy thanks to its adaptogenic properties and so doesn’t contribute to those crash/spike cycles (unlike stimulates such as coffee and sugar). Mix a Four Sigmatic sachet any time of the day with hot water or a smoothie to help invigorate the body. It's especially great as a replacement for those not too keen on caffeine!

Lion's Mane MushroomLion's Mane Mushroom

Focus With Lion's Mane

Lion’s mane is another medicinal mushroom that's well-known in traditional Chinese medicine. It's a great booster of brain health and can help support memory and concentration. Mix this superfood drinking powder into a cup of hot water, tea, coffee or a smoothie when you’re doing anything that requires focus.

Reishi MushroomReishi Mushroom

Relax With Reishi

Reishi, the ancient and well-studied mushroom, is believed to contribute to easing tension, strengthening the immune system, and supporting sleep. The reishi mushroom drink powder can help calm the mind, promoting relaxation and better rest in the process. Mix some Reishi powder into your choice of beverage (decaffeinated) two hours before bed to transition into a tranquil state and encourage a good night’s rest.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix Reishi (10 Sachets)Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix Reishi (10 Sachets)

Mushroom And Coffee

If you love your coffee or hot chocolate we have lots of options such as Loco Love's Cacao and Botanika Blend's Coffee Mushroom Mix (with all 4 core mushrooms). Four Sigmatic's coffee contains medium to dark roasted 100% organic arabica coffee and a balanced mix of 500 mg dual mushroom extracts - this is a dream combination as the caffeine in coffee actually helps the adaptogens to enter the bloodstream faster and as a result, the mushrooms help to prolong the caffeine high without causing a crash. Chaga is used within both varieties for its immune-supporting properties and is paired with either cordyceps (for supporting your adrenals) or lion’s mane (for boosting brain power).

We have a great range of Medicinal Mushrooms at Flora & Fauna.

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