World Chocolate Day!

Jul 06, 2021by Gabby - F&F

It's that day of the year, when you can completely indulge in all your favourite chocolates without any judgement! If you haven't guessed what day this is yet, it's World Chocolate Day!

Whether you like sweet and gooey, dark and bitter, soft and smooth or chewy and crunchy, join us in taking a bite this World Chocolate Day! 

History Of World Chocolate Day

The history of chocolate, dates back to 1550, when this dessert first entered Europe. 

To craft chocolate, seeds from a cacao tree are covered with banana leaves and left to ferment to create cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are roasted slowly at a low temperature to separate the shells from the nibs so that it becomes a fine powder called cocoa liquor.

World Chocolate Day has only officially been celebrated since 2009. We celebrate this day because chocolate tastes good, it makes us happy, and is a commonly used gift for events like birthdays and valentine's day.

Loving Earth Dark Organic ChocolateLoving Earth Dark Organic Chocolate

Can Chocolate Be Healthy?

We don't need an excuse to eat chocolate, but if we did... July 7th is the perfect excuse.

We're sure you've all probably wondered once or twice if chocolate can be healthy. And the answer is YES! 

Dark chocolate is believed to have high levels of antioxidants. Make sure you look for high cacao percentages, as chocolate bars that are processed have a high sugar content. Also remember that its about moderation. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean you should eat a whole block of it in one sitting.

A study from harvard actually suggests that chocolate can help with cognitive function. Whilst this requires more research, our team at F&F believe that a piece of chocolate is a nice little 3pm pick-up!

Rocky Road | Vegan MarshmallowsRocky Road | Vegan Marshmallows

Make Your Own Vegan Chocolate

Baking is becoming a popular activity for beating the boredom during lockdown. The best way to know exactly what ingredients are in chocolate is by making some of your own. Have fun experimenting with different flavour combos and textural elements in the kitchen.

If you want that gooey centre, try our Pana Spreads. Start by melting your chocolate, popping it in a mold, then pipe the pana spread in, before covering it up with more chocolate. 

For a rocky road vibe, we have Mini Marshmallows, J Luehders Soft Vegan Lollies, Clarana Candy Coated Choc Buttons, and even a scoop of your fav Protein Powder to get the flavour you want. Simply melt your chosen block of chocolate and mix it all together. 

Loving Earth Vegan ChocolateLoving Earth Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate 

Don't feel like baking? No worries! We have a wide range of delicious vegan chocolates that you can stock up on for World Chocolate Day. You won't be able to buy just one. They are seriously that good!

Why not send some chocolate to a friend or family member. Give your loved ones something to smile about in lockdown and have a chocolate party over video call.

World Chocolate Day is a great way to celebrate and indulge in your favourite chocolates with friends and family. 

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