Why you might switch to shampoo bars?

Dec 04, 2017by Julie - F&F


The wonderful folk at The Australian Natural Soap Company have developed some new and outstanding solid shampoo bars to accompany their original shampoo soap. They have created them so they work with your hair, not against it and don’t strip your hair of any valuable oils. They have used moisturising oils such as sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil and macadamia along with other essential oils to maximise the benefit. There are no questionable ingredients, no SLS’s or parabens and simply natural. Plus they are made here in Australia with locally sourced ingredients, are palm oil free, vegan and certified cruelty free.

These shampoo bars are not only effective but also great for the environment and your pocket. At only $12.95, and $9.95 for the original bar, this bar will last a while. They are wrapped simply in recyclable kraft paper so there is also minimum waste.

What types do they come in and which should I use?

  • Original – if your hair is normal this bar is perfect. Also if you have dandruff this is a really good bar to use. Made with Tea Tree and Coconut Oil to help cleanse your hair.
  • Dry Hair – this bar is packed with macadamia oil, one of the most nourishing oils you’ll find. It also has argan oil which helps to tame frizzy hair. If you have dry or dehydrated hair this shampoo will help moisturise your hair.
  • Oily Hair - Many of us, especially teens, have oily hair. This bar aims to balance your hair and remove build up without stripping it of oil.
  • Sensitive – if you have a sensitive or itchy scalp with shampoo will help calm your scalp. This is also good for those with dandruff. Sweet almond oil nourishes hair and helps to fight hair loss whist grapeseed oil, packed full of vitamin E, and coconut oil, rich in fatty acids and minerals ideal for longer stronger hair, will add major life and shine to your locks.


Do they foam? Yes they do. Despite not containing SLS’s (typically used in products to foam), these soap bars absolutely foam and you’ll be surprised how much you don’t need. I was taken back when I first tried the original soap over a year ago.

Do they really clean? Absolutely; they have been formulated to work with your body, scalp and hair. They don’t strip your hair of much needed oils which results in your hair, and scalp, being in a constant fight to balance itself.

Do you need a conditioner? No; we use conditioners typically because we use such harsh products to clean our hair that we have to add nourishment back. These shampoo bars are packed with nourishing oils so you can go without a conditioner. Something you might want to do is use coconut oil or argan oil as a hair mask at regular intervals. As you’re transitioning you may end up fading out your conditioner in stages but you definitely don’t need one.

How long will one last? It depends how often you wash your hair, how long your hair is and how much you use. If you use everyday they can still last a month. If you use every few days they’ll last a long time. If you want to maximise the life see the next point.

How do I store? Many of you will store in the shower because it’s easy and we get that. But if you drain and not leaving in the shower. Soap tends to turn sludgy in the shower so for a few seconds leave by your sink. We have beautiful soap trays from NZ brand, little bit daily. These are handmade from reclaimed wood and are amazing and beautiful. You’ll end up making soap a centrepiece of your bathroom.

They’re all different sizes. Why is that? The shampoo bars are all 100g but they are handcut so they can be slightly different in size, eg thicker or thinner.

Who can use them? Everyone! They are perfect for the whole family and teenagers love the Oily Shampoo Bar. If you’re pregnant just check the ingredients to ensure the essential oils used are ok for you as an individual.

Can I wash my pet with them? Your pet will love it. The ANSC also have a pet shampoo designed for dogs and, in our case, pigs. Again it lathers really well and a little goes a long way. Plus your animal friend will come out smelling gorgeous.

Where can I buy them? You can buy them from us here at Flora & Fauna. Shop now.

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