The ANSC Solid Shampoo Original (100g)

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  • Natural Shampoo Soap Bar

  • Deeply Cleansing and Effective - we love it!

  • Using Plant Oils to Cleanse and for Body

  • Good for Dandruff and Dry Itchy Scalps

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The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo Original, for Normal Hair & Dry, Itchy Scalps. 

This shampoo is quite remarkable. You need a tiny amount to really lather and cleanse your hair. We've used it and love it; your hair feels clean, silky and has a bit of volume. Great for those with normal hair and also good for dandruff and dry, itchy scalps.

Using only natural plant oils: coconut, olive, sweet almond, petitgrain and mandarin. These natural plant oils have the same make up as the natural oils in your hair, working with your hair to give it extra body. They are also non-greasy so are fine to use on oily hair.

Do you need a conditioner? No; we use conditioners typically because we use such harsh products to clean our hair. These shampoo bars are packed with nourishing oils so you can go without a conditioner. Something you might want to do is use coconut oil or argan oil as a hair mask at regular intervals. 

All Australian Natural Soap Company's soaps are handmade in Australia, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulphate free, detergent free and palm oil free. They are also biodegradable as is their beautiful packaging. Certified Cruelty Free. 




Use with water to cleanse your hair. 


Saponified coconut oil, saponified sweet almond oil, saponified grapeseed oil, saponified olive oil, petitgrain oil, patchouli oil & mandarin oil.

Loved it.

By: on 13 May 2018
I hadn’t heard of shampoo bars before but when I saw this I thought what a ripper! Anyways, tried it and it was pretty average. It left my hair feeling very oily, looking not very pleasant at all! But when I realised I should be rubbing the soap on all my hair, not just the scalp and using the suds for the lengths, it was great. It just needs to be rinced thoroughly. Bonus don’t need to use conditioner! But there is definitely a gross transition period, but stick through it and you won’t regret it!

Wanted to love it... but...

By: on 6 April 2018
I really wanted to like this shampoo bar and was determined to try it despite the mixed reviews but I found it didn't work for me at all. I love the no plastic aspect to it as well as how easy it is to use but i found it left my hair feeling so greasy! Which my hair usually is not. I felt like no matter how long i rinsed the soap out of my hair for, it just felt like it stuck. My hair felt like a greasy, waxy mess at the roots. The smell is lovely, a really natural subtle scent and lathers really well. I just found that it didn't feel good in my hair once dry.

Great for thin/oily hair

By: on 3 March 2018
I have thin hair that can tend to get oily. This ANSC Solid Shampoo bar is great! I love the feel, it foams up well, the smell is great, and I think that shampoo bars are the best because - no packaging! I keep mine in a small decor container in the shower to keep it from getting constantly wet. Plus its then super simple to travel with when needed.


By: on 27 February 2018
I like this product, it slaps up with a nice lather, it’s easy to use, my hair feels clean, and I haven’t even been using a conditioner afterward. I do feel though it leave my hair more oily than I’ve ever had (prob cos it’s all natural) and I would prob get one for oily hair next time

Good to reduce plastic waste

By: on 11 January 2018
I bought this to help reduce my plastic waste from shampoo and conditioner bottles. I read reviews but unfortunately this product just didn't work for me. My hair remained quite sticky (like the soap wasn't rinsed out) no matter what I did. I have quite long hair and while the roots at the front were clean the longer strands towards the back remained oily. I can see this working on different hair types but for me it just didn't work. I will finish using the bar as just regular soap though so not wasted. I have long, thin blonde hair.

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