The Perfect Addition to your Travel Bag

Nov 26, 2017by F&F

With summer holidays not far off, many of us are counting down the days till our next adventure. Jet setting requires us all to rethink our beauty essentials especially when space is premium. Packing multi-use and easy to use beauty products is a must!

The 15ml multi-use RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll-On is one beauty essential that is a perfect addition to your travel bag. Containing 100% natural and Australian Certified Organic cold pressed rosehip oil, it is the only rosehip oil that comes in a nifty and easily portable wand applicator. No lugging around glass bottles!

Light weight and easy to pack in your make-up or travel bag, the RosehipPLUS Roll-On features a hygienic massaging glass roller ball, which allows you to target specific areas that require precision application such as fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, dry patches and even scarring. This ensures that the Rosehip Oil is applied exactly where you want it without getting your hands oily.

The roller ball application provides a cooling sensation combined with a light massage as you apply the rosehip oil. Rich in naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, use the roll-on to rehydrate the skin and reduce damage after a day in the sun, or for an on- the-go boost of hydration.

Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life calls the RosehipPLUS roll-on her “dream travel product”:

“Rosehip oil is a brilliant oil and as a little carry on roll on it’s a dream travel product. 15ml well under international rules for 100ml and a little roll here and there around the eyes and on the lips keeps you from looking haggard at the end of the flight, I swear it. Everyone should have one of these in their purse, basically. At this price for a beautiful organic product there is zero excuse.”

Beauty blogger Yadira from Clean Beauty Talk also loves taking the RosehipPLUS roll-on on her travels: 

“The grooviest roll on rosehip oil wand thing I take with me whenever I travel because I’m a clutz and break/spill things and it is the ultimate all-in-one oil/moisturiser for clutzy travellers. I also think it’s pretty good for non-clutzy travellers and it doesn’t take up much room so you can pack 10 if you like.”

You can find RosehipPLUS Roll On at Flora & Fauna along with the rest of the RosehipPLUS range. 

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