Switch To Pela’s 100% Biodegradable Sunglasses This Summer

Jan 28, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Pela has created the world’s first pair of 100% biodegradable sunglasses! They’re protective, stylish, and better for the environment — what more could you want from a pair of sunnies?

Pela Vision Bonito Eco Friendly Sunglasses in SandPela Vision Bonito Eco Friendly Sunglasses in Sand

Pela Creates Eyewear For People Who Care!

Pela are famous for creating the world’s first 100% Compostable Phone Case, along with their AirPod Cases, Apple Watch Bands, Phone Grips, and most recently —Sustainable Sunglasses that are 100% biodegradable. 

Aside from using 33% less CO2e emissions, 34% less water usage, and 82% less waste compared to conventional sunglasses and packaging — Pela’s biodegradable sunnies provide full UVA/UVB protection, which is incredibly important when you’re out and about in the harsh Australian sun.

We love that these durable, eco-friendly sunnies are incredibly stylish, too. Here at F&F, we stock the Bonito frame (a classic rectangular shape) and the Sulu frame (a circular cat eye shape). The frames are compatible with prescription lenses.

Pela 360 Recycling ProgramPela 360 Recycling Program

How Do I Dispose Of Pela’s Sunglasses?

You’re probably thinking — why would I buy sunglasses that are designed to break down? Here’s the thing; Pela’s sunglasses are incredibly long-lasting and durable, so you’ll be able to wear them year-after-year. 

We recommend keeping, selling or swapping your Pela Sunglasses, but if you’re certain you want to dispose of them — the frame and lenses are both biodegradable and will break down completely in landfill. Alternatively, you can send them back to us at F&F and we'll get them to Pela where they get recycled! Find out more via our F&F Recycling Program.

The biggest difference between Pela and conventional sunglasses brands is that Pela takes full responsibility for the full life-cycle of their products. Pela 360 accepts old plastic phone cases and Pela products get upcycled!

Pela Vision Sulu Eco Friendly Sunglasses in Seashell GreyPela Vision Sulu Eco Friendly Sunglasses in Seashell Grey

Here’s What F&F Customers Are Saying About Pela’s Sunglasses…

We love hearing what you have to say about Pela’s Sunglasses! If you already have a pair of these gorgeous sunnies, don’t forget to leave a review on Flora & Fauna. 

Pela Vision Sulu Eco Friendly Sunglasses (Brown Tortoise) are an obvious best-seller here at F&F: “These sunglasses are great! First time I’ve bought sunglasses online & pleasantly surprised. They’re comfortable and stylish and the best part is they’re not bad for the environment. Love ‘em!” — Peta.

Pela Vision Sulu Eco Friendly Sunglasses (Seashell Grey) are guaranteed to suit any outfit: “These sunnies are better than I expected — shape, colour is great, and reduce glare effectively. It is so good to have a great product option that is gentle on the environment!" — Danielle.

Pela Sulu Blue Light GlassesPela Sulu Blue Light Glasses

Staring At A Screen All Day? Try Pela’s Blue Light Glasses!

Nowadays, many of us spend our days staring at a screen for work. However, overexposure to blue light waves from our screen can lead to eye strain, dry/irritated eyes, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Pela's Blue Light Glasses help reduce exposure to harmful blue lights that emit from your screens; protecting your eyes while you work, watch or scroll! Using blue light glasses regularly can help you to maintain your focus, productivity, and a healthy sleeping-pattern. Plus, they’re 100% biodegradable and super stylish. What’s not to love? 

Both the Pela Sunglasses and Pela Blue Light Glasses come with a convenient carry pouch. They’re also packaged in a cardboard case, which can be recycled or even composted.

What do you think of Pela’s 100% Biodegradable Sunglasses and Blue Light Glasses? We’re so proud to stock such an innovative brand that takes responsibility for the full life-cycle of their products. This range of beautiful, eco-friendly eyewear will protect your eyes — whether you’re sitting at your desk, or lounging at the beach!

Shop all Pela Sunglasses, Blue Light Glasses, Phone Cases, and more at Flora & Fauna.

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