'Sampling The Future' | New Art Exhibition Offers Us A Glimpse Into The Future

Jan 28, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Do you ever wonder what the future will look like? The National Gallery Of Victoria’s (NGV) brand new art exhibition — Sampling The Future — draws upon science, philosophy, design and technology to imagine the near and distant future! Let’s take a look at some of the installations — like 3D-printed coral reefs, and not-so-virtual ‘clouds’.

Sampling The Future Art ExhibitionSampling The Future Art Exhibition

'Sampling The Future’ Showcases Australia’s Experimental Designers

Sampling The Future — presented at the NGV’s Ian Potter Centre from November 5 to February 6, 2022 —  showcases projects by some of Australia’s leading experimental and speculative designers. 

“Through the work of leading designers and architects, this exhibition gives audiences an exciting glimpse of our many possible futures — both real and imagined,” said Tony Ellwood AM, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria. 

“The designers use their ideas and skills to create objects, environments and images that expand our understanding of design, as well as to raise questions about how people in a distant future might make sense of today,” Tony said.

Sampling The Future Art ExhibitionSampling The Future Art Exhibition

‘Sampling The Future’ Explores What Design Is Truly Capable Of

The NGV is renowned for holding thought-provoking, conservation-starting exhibitions —  ‘Sampling The Future’ is no exception! It's all about challenging aspects of the status quo,” says Ewan McEoin. 

McEoin says that ‘Sampling The Future’ creates two overarching conversations, and both explore what design is capable of. The first conversation is about the near future; how can advancements in design address the world’s ecological decline? The second deals with the ethics of our relationship to materials, extraction, production and consumption.

These pieces will let you explore climate crisis, history, mythology and philosophy to imagine the distant future.

Alex Goad 3D Coral Reef InstallationAlex Goad 3D Coral Reef Installation

‘Sampling The Future’ | 3D-Printed Coral Reef

A coral reef in an art gallery? That’s right! Alex Goad 3D-printed structures demonstrate what the future of coral reefs could look like if our climate crisis escalates. 

The ‘ecological structures’ act as replacements and aids for damaged maritime ecosystems, especially for vulnerable coral reefs in temperate waters. The structures can provide protection and food for smaller fish species, as well as filter-feeding species like oysters and mussels.

Sadly, designs like this may be necessary to preserve marine life. We know that if the Earth’s temperature rises by 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, coral reefs are projected to experience a decline of 70-90%. At 2°C, around 99% of coral reefs will disappear entirely — a true glimpse into the future.

Unclear Virtual CloudUnclear Virtual Cloud

‘Sampling The Future’ | Unclear, Virtual Cloud

In terms of our virtual storage, what do you picture when you think of the ‘cloud’? Unclear Cloud — a speculative piece of architecture by Roland Snooks, Associate Professor at RMIT University — is a visual representation of the virtual cloud!

Cloud computing consumes around 1,963 billion kWh and creates 1,034 megatonnes of CO2 emissions. In the U.S, it’s responsible for around 1.8% of electricity consumption. Typically, most of this electricity is used to power the data centres that our data is stored in. 

This stunning display by artist Phillip Samartzi attempts to make the intangible, tangible; showing the very real (and growing) environmental impacts of the virtual ‘cloud’. That’s why the jagged structure is accompanied by ​​glaciers melting.

This extraordinary art exhibition offers a glimpse into the near and distant future. ‘Sampling The Future’ combines science, philosophy, design and technology to reimagine our future and the way we operate in our world. 

If you’re in Melbourne, this is definitely a must-see! ‘Sampling The Future’ is open at The Ian Potter Centre at the National Gallery of Victoria from the 5th of November to the 6th of February, 2022.

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