Summer Beauty Box 2022 Reveal!

Nov 30, 2022by Gabby - F&F

It's the first day of summer, which means...our Summer Vegan Beauty Boxes have officially been released!

This season, due to popular demand — we are revealing exactly what's inside the beauty box. If you want it kept a surprise, read no further! But for all of you out there that can't wait to take a peak — this one is for you! 

SunButter SPF50 Tinted SunscreenSunButter SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen

Image: Instagram/ @jacinthawebster

SunButter SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen (100g)

Looking for a sunkissed glow, whilst staying sun protected? Sunbutter's SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen will be your new bestfriend this summer!

This sunscreen offers high protection, designed with our health and the planet in mind. We love the metal tin packaging and the fact that it's water-resistant for 4 hours. Plenty of time to be splashing about before having to reapply. Plus, if you're someone who doesn't like those white mineral sunscreens that make you look ghost-like, this is a great alternative.

Our team loves using this product as a natural makeup option as well. Simply slip, slop, slap then add a bit of Mascara, Blush and Lip Gloss and you're good for wherever the day takes you. 

Valued at $31.95

Cannabella Complex CoQ10 SerumCannabella Complex CoQ10 Serum

Image: F&F

Cannabella Complex COQ10 Serum 10ml

Cannabella's CoQ10 combines unfiltered hemp seed oil with CoQ10 to help soften fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and firmness and boost cell turnover. This formula is made with unfiltered hemp oil, almond seed oil, rosehip, jojoba, CoQ10, and more to deliver a nutrient-rich dose to your skin, to ultimately help fight the signs of ageing. So if you're looking for a quick nutrient boost, without needing to pull out a juicer, this product is a lifesaver.

To use, add 3-5 drops to your hand and apply evenly to the forehead, cheeks and under your eyes. Great for morning and night.

This product is valued at $34.

Sukin Botanical Body Wash - Coconut & Pineapple Sukin Botanical Body Wash - Coconut & Pineapple

Image: Instagram/ @sukinskincare

Sukin Botanical Body Wash - Coconut & Pineapple (500ml)

Do you want that nice coconutty scent that instantly transports you to the beach? You'll get it with Sukin's Coconut & Pineapple Body Wash! This gentle body wash cleanses and nourishes the skin all in one, leaving it feeling clean, hydrated and supple. Did we mention it's suitable for all skin types?

Valued at $11. 

P'ure Papayacare - Papaya Eye SerumP'ure Papayacare - Papaya Eye Serum

Image: Instagram/ @purepapayacare

P'Ure Papayacare Papaya Eye Serum (25ml)

Want a beauty finalist eye serum to add to your skincare collection? P'ure Papayacare's Eye Serum calms and nourishes the sensitive eye area, whilst helping to smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness. The key ingredients, being papaya and calendula are rich in nutrients, gently exfoliating away dead skin cells and repairs dry, damaged skin to stimulate skin regeneration. Plus, calendula is traditionally known for its healing and soothing properties. Pretty cool right?

Valued at $23.99.

Ruffy Hand & Feet SoapRuffy Hand & Feet Soap

Image: Down Under Wash Co.

Downunder Wash Ruffy Hands & Feet Soap (120g)

Need a fix for your feet after walking on the hot sand? What about adding some moisture to your hands after being in and out of the pool or beach all day? Ruffy soap is the magic all-rounder! Besides it being your summer pick-me-up, this soap is also great for removing grease, dirt, paint and dead skin. It's the go to soap for mechanics, gardeners, painters and anyone looking for a deep clean. Know anyone who might benefit from that?

If you just want your hands and feet smelling fresh and clean — this soap is great for that too.

To use: 

  1. ​Wet the Ruffy bar, your hands and / or feet.
  2. Rub gently to create a lather to cleanse and exfoliate.
  3. Rinse and repeat if required.

 Viola, that's it! Valued at $9.95.

Flora & Fauna Tote BagFlora & Fauna Tote Bag

Image: F&F

Flora & Fauna Tote Bag

Finally, the beloved totebag. Not only will you be promoting your favourite vegan, ethical and eco-friendly brand on your ventures — you are helping the planet by using reusables and refusing single-use plastics. These bags are great for taking to the beach. You can pack all the essentials like, Snacks, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Wallet, etc!

On an even more practical note, these bags are perfect for your daily errands — they roll up and fit nicely in a bag, and are large enough to fit books, groceries or you can even treat it like a handbag. The options are endless —super multi-purposed!

Valued at $5.95.

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These products are valued at $110 and you can get it all for just $39.95. They make the perfect chrissy pressie too! Shop now!

We've been running our seasonal beauty boxes for 8 years now and it just goes to show, how much we value your feedback. Keep letting us know what you love or would like to see in our next beauty box, by leaving a comment below.

If you're curious to know why we started the beauty box, what's been in previous boxes and what our customers have been saying about it, make sure to read the blog below:

F&F Seasonal Vegan Beauty Box Explained

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