DIY Sustainable Christmas Arts & Craft Ideas

Dec 02, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

Want to save some money this year on Christmas decorations? Try out these DIY sustainable Christmas decorations with materials that you most likely have around the home! You’ll have fun exploring your creativity with these crafts and will also be benefiting the environment too! Here are some easy and cute ideas to get you started.

Wine Cork Reindeer 

Here is a perfect little Christmas craft to put all those collected wine corks to use — with just three corks, some sewing pins, pipe cleaners, and glue, you can make these adorable reindeer decorations to celebrate the festive season. They have a gorgeous rustic aesthetic and if created with care, resemble store-bought quality!

You can even use the antlers on the reindeers to hold food place cards or to mark seating arrangements during holiday feasts. We love that they’re simple to make and can be put to use as a functional ornament! By making use of unused materials you already own, you’re repurposing items into a beautiful new creation, and preventing them from going to waste. How great is that?

Toilet Paper Roll WreathToilet Paper Roll Wreath

Image: Kiflies Levendula

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Create something extraordinary out of the ordinary this Christmas, repurposing cardboard toilet paper rolls into a wreath! This is a wonderful zero-waste craft that will look stunning when hung anywhere in your home.

For this wreath, the rolls are painted green with acrylic paint. If you enjoy painting and playing with colours, this eco-Christmas idea is for you! Our tip would be to try out different shades of green to achieve a more ‘natural’ looking wreath.

You will simply need some glue, scissors, paint, and the cardboard rolls of course! You can also let your imagination run wild and decorate with different coloured flowers or berries, cut out of the cardboard rolls and painted.

Mini Collage Upcycled Lid BaubleMini Collage Upcycled Lid Bauble

Image: Rae Gun Ramblings

Mini Collage Upcycled Lid ‘Bauble’

Want to make your Christmas tree more eco-friendly this year and cut down on the amount of plastic decorations? Jar lids are a fantastic material often available at home, that can be transformed into an ornament with your personalised touch. This craft idea uses jar lids to resemble ‘baubles’, but with a mini collage displayed on the front! How cute is that?

This eco-decoration idea would be a super fun activity for children and adults too, while benefiting the environment at the same time. To create this ornament you’ll need a couple of mason jar lids, printed pictures, ribbon, a hot glue gun, fabric, and other embellishments of choice to make your piece shine — such as sparkles, jewels, quotes, etc!

Coffee Filter Christmas TreeCoffee Filter Christmas Tree

Image: Crafts By Amanda

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Coffee lovers — this one is for you. Have some coffee filters on hand? Try making them into a Christmas tree! We love that the coffee filters give this tree a cute vintage look, you can even get creative and use old buttons to decorate the exterior, to add some colour and make the piece fit your style.

For this coffee filter Christmas tree you will need; a foam cone, stick pins, 9-10 natural coffee filters, white round-topped stick pins, buttons with colours of choice, scissors, and a hot glue gun. To add a star on top, add an artificial craft flower from the art shop to complete your festive decor!

Santa CandlesSanta Candles

Image: Mom vs The Boys

Santa Candles

Set the festive mood around your home this Christmas by gathering any unused glass jars to create santa candles! All you will need are some jars of any size with the lid removed, red tissue paper to colour the jars, glue, a paint brush, black felt or construction paper for ‘santas belt’, and the little metal tab off a beverage can for the buckle feature!

When the craft is dry and ready to go, you can pop a tealight into the bottom of the jar and light it to illuminate the decoration. These are perfect for setting the table, placing around the home for Christmas parties, or as a hands-on holiday activity for kids!

We hope this collection of DIY Christmas arts & crafts inspires you to create some sustainable decorations this year! Which decoration will you be making? Let us know in the comments below!

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