Observe World Wildlife Conservation Day With Us!

Nov 24, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

This December 4th, we are so excited for World Wildlife Conservation Day, which is all about sharing knowledge & raising awareness about protecting Earth’s endangered flora and fauna. Continue reading to learn more about this important day!


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What Is World Wildlife Conservation Day?

The plants and animals that reside on this planet have innate value and play an important role in the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, and cultural aspects of human well-being and biodiversity balance!

World Wildlife Conservation Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and diverse forms of wild flora and fauna, and to bring awareness to the endless benefits that their conservation provides. The Day reminds us of the pressing need to accelerate the fight against wildlife crime and the human-induced reduction of species, which have boundless economic, environmental and social effects.

This Day also brings like-minded people together — a love for nature is something most people have in common, connect with others who share the same values as you!

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How Did We End Up With This Current State Of Biodiversity?!

Human-induced damage in natural ecosystems has been underway for centuries. Historically land has been stripped for farming, forests chopped for shipbuilding, and hunting and trapping animals for money increased. Over the years, wildlife hunting and poaching became more regular and wildlife populations started to decline around the world.

Today, the illegal trade of endangered species is growing. Even though governments are taking action, and sometimes, succeeding to stop this act, not all species are safe from hunters. In addition to impacting wildlife, this affects the lives of millions of people who live within or close to forested areas around the world. It’s time to act and cooperate to preserve and protect wildlife to ensure their survival.


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How You Can Observe World Wildlife Conservation Day

This World Wildlife Conservation Day, here are three ways you can observe or celebrate this special day!

Spread the word — speak out this World Wildlife Conservation Day and educate those around you. Raise awareness about the importance of wildlife protection to your family and friends.

Take a pledge — protect our planet’s most endangered species by taking the wildlife pledge, uniting with millions of others that are standing against illegal poaching or anything that negatively impacts wildlife.

Donate to the cause — make a charitable donation, big or small, to the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.). All your donations go straight towards training and equipping wildlife protectors!

We know that humans are mostly the cause of the endangerment and extinction of several species of animals and plants, however, this day (and always) is the time to work together to protect our wildlife!

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