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Sep 06, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Whilst we are rigourously working to improve our recycling program, there are plenty of other initiatives we are working on to help the planet. This includes — Second Hand September!

This month, we invite you to donate your second hand items to us, but we also challenge you to shop second hand as well. Both things you can do with our Second Hand September campaign. Find out how you can get involved, below!

Donate & Shop Second Hand Items At Flora & FaunaDonate & Shop Second Hand Items At Flora & Fauna

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Second Hand September Challenge | The Why

Second Hand September, is widely celebrated in the UK. It's a campaign that aims to encourage people to buy only second hand items for 30 days in the month of September. Thus far, second hand september has already inspired thousands of people to shop in a way that's kinder to people and the planet — which absolutely embodies our core values!

So, we thought, why not bring this amazing initiative to Flora & Fauna and add our own little spin on it! This year we invite you to not only shop second hand with us, but to donate your second hand items too.

With the planet in desperate need of our help, there's no better time than now, to start taking action. It's your time to feel good in sustainable style!

Shop for Second Hand ClothesShop for Second Hand Clothes

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What We Accept

Whilst clothes is the obvious guess, we have also listed some other second hand goodies we accept. See below:

  • Second hand clothes
  • Second hand accessories and jewellery (excluding earrings)
  • Second hand books
  • Second hand toys

If you're unsure of what other things we might accept, don't hestitate to contact a member from a customer care team, who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Stained ShirtStained Shirt

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Second Hand Item Guidelines

Before sending us your second hand items, please make sure:

  • The item is not broken, ripped or damaged beyond repair. The item still needs to be in good condition. 
  • The item does not include any broken glass, sharp edges or splinters.
  • Please clean your items either in the wash or with disinfectant solution (depending on what it is) before posting.
  • The item is no more than 1kg.

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How To Donate Your Second Hand Items 

  1. Select what items from your home you no longer use or want.
  2. Place your second hand items in a box or postage satchel (try to reuse an old one if you can) and post it to Flora & Fauna Second Hand Donation Level 2, 91 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. Or if you're in the area come in and drop it off to us.
  3. Please include your name and email on the box or satchel if you wish to be credited $10 to cover delivery costs.
  4. Note: If you're sending fragile/ delicate items, please make sure they are packed accordingly.
  5. Your second hand donations will then be placed on display in the Flora & Fauna office for people to come and shop. 
  6. For just a gold coin donation, you can come shop and take as many second hand items you like. All proceeds will be donated to our charity partner, Where Pigs Fly. 
  7. Any second hand items that aren't sold will be recycled, repurposed or rehomed accordingly.
Shop Second Hand With Flora & FaunaShop Second Hand With Flora & Fauna

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How To Shop Second Hand With Us

Our lovely F&F team, will be in the Surry Hills office 3x a week — Tuesday- Thursday from 9am-5pm. So we welcome you to come visit us and shop during these days and times. 

We have set up a beautiful display in our office, where you can shop all the lovely second hand goodies that need a new home. 

We recommend calling our customer care team on 8776 3620 or emailing to ensure there are some goodies up for grabs. 

Simply donate a gold coin, and we encourage you to take as many second hand goodies as you like.


How many secondhand items can I donate? We can accept 5 items per family. Please post to Flora & Fauna Second Hand Donation, Level 2, 91 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

Are there any size restrictions for second hand donations? We ask that your item is no bigger than 1kg.

Where do I deliver my second hand donation(s)? We are accepting second hand donations via post to Level 2, 91 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. You can drop off your second hand donation to our Surry Hills office too. We are unable to arrange pickup of your donation. 

What items can I donate? We are accepting any second-hand clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery (excluding earrings) toys and books.

What items can't I donate? Item that are broken, ripped or damaged beyond repair, earrings, furniture items, homewares, white goods, recyclable products — see here to see what places will accept.

How long do I have to post my donation? We are accepting donations from 1st September - 30th September 2022, but you can come and collect anything that's left up until the end of October.

Will I be compensated for delivery costs? Once your second hand donation has been received and, provided it meets all the requirements above, we’ll give you a $10 Flora & Fauna credit in the same way as we do with our Recycling Program.  

What will happen to my second hand donation once I post it to Flora & Fauna? Once your second hand donations arrive at our office, we will have a table set up for collection. We welcome people to come in and take what they wish for a gold coin donation, which will be donated to our charity partner, Where Pigs Fly. Whatever secondhand items that are leftover will be either recycled, repurposed or rehomed accordingly. 


We hope you'll join us in taking on the Second Hand September Challenge — whether it's donating or shopping second hand with us. Thank you for taking the time to support us in this campaign to help give people the motivation to be more conscious consumers.

Team F&F x

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