Supporting Our Community

We proudly support the community and use our business for doing good. We work with several organisations, including Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd Australia.

Where Pigs Fly

We are delighted and proud to partner with, and support, Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary.

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a not for profit registered charity based in the Lower Hunter Valley in NSW. It is one of the most idyllic places we have ever been and don’t bother taking your phone, there’s no reception (not that we could find) and you’ll forget about technology as soon as you meet one of the many residents.

About Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Debbie and Jamie from Where Pigs Fly have always been animal lovers with a lifelong mission to own an animal sanctuary and help as many animals as they can. In 2014 they set about that purpose. 

Where Pigs Fly focus on a simple philosophy to treat all animals with compassion and respect. Their mission is two-fold. Firstly they rescue and care for, farmed animals that have been abused or abandoned. In addition, they focus on education and helping people understand where their food comes from. We highly recommend a visit to meet the team and the beautiful residents who now have a very happy home. They run Open Days every few months so book ahead (they always sell out) and pay a visit. 

Meet the Animals 

Currently Where Pigs Fly is home to many pigs, including Wilbur, Jeremy and Bubbles who is adorable, amongst others. You’ll also find Valentine, the cow, Dave and Gary, the sheep, Moby the goat, Daffodil, the Shetland Pony, Zorro, the lamb, Thomas the Duck and more. If you meet Thomas have a chat with him, he will follow you around and just talk at you. And once you meet the turkeys you’ll look at them in a whole new light! Affectionate, social and they really do just want to be around you. Many of the animals have been born or lived in terrible conditions and Where Pigs Fly is their forever home. You can meet some of the gorgeous residents here

"We Proudly Support The Community and Use Our Business For Doing Good." 

How is Flora & Fauna Supporting Where Pigs Fly

Awareness - We absolutely love the work Debbie, Jamie and the team are doing and we are just a little bit passionate about animals so this partnership is about far more than just offering financial support. You will hear us talking about Where Pigs Fly and the animals whether that be on social media, our website or emails.  

Where Pigs Fly Merchandise - You can also buy Where Pigs Fly Merchandise via us. All of the money goes to Where Pigs Fly, we don't take a cent.  We want to help Where Pigs Fly extend their reach, as much as we can, and raise more money for the sanctuary so they can rescue more animals. Shop Where Pigs Fly Goodies

Where Pigs Fly Donation Days - We have certain days during the when, what you buy, helps support Where Pigs Fly. eg 10% of revenue on that day goes to Where Pigs Fly or 100% of sales of one product. We'll be advertising these on social media so please follow us to see what we are doing when. 

In addition, we will be doing plenty of other things during the year whether that is donated prizes or some other exciting things. We have a fair bit of work in progress to support them. You can read more about Where Pigs Fly on their website

Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia is the second organisation we support, and we are huge fans of their work and their dedication to the environment. The more time we spend with them the more we realise actually how much they do and how in-depth their work is. They have also saved countless marine life lives over the years whilst putting their own in the face of danger. 

We are proud to support Sea Shepherd and have a Sea Shepherd Shop where we sell merchandise from Sea Shepherd so that maximum funds go to Sea Shepherd. You can find KeepCups, t-shirts and more.

In addition, we support them at events and in any other way we can. Julie and Tom, F&F founders, also donate personally to Sea Shepherd and support their work. 

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