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Nov 26, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Looking for some new natural products to add to your body care routine? Raw Nature makes plant based, vegan and cruelty free products that are good for you and the environment! 

They deliver on efficacy, sustainability and smell, plus all of the products are packaged in beautiful 100% biodegradable paper tubes and labels.

Say goodbye to bad odours and plastic packaging and feel confident going natural. Let's explore the range!

Raw Nature Brand StoryRaw Nature Brand Story

Raw Nature's Story

Nicky Jagger, the Founder of Raw Nature, drew inspiration from her own various health problems. She was also largely concerned with what her young teenage daughters were putting into their skin, and so it became her mission to change the way people perceive everyday body care.

It's common to find brands that are natural and safe, but not all brands can pull of the smell factor. Nicky was concious of this and created her formula ensuring her girls could feel confident about wearing natural products and still smell great! "Like any small business story, it all started in the home kitchen, which looked like a science lab most days", said Nicky." She combined the power of natural ingredients, with science. The result? Clean, conscious and high performing products.

Raw Nature Natural DeodorantRaw Nature Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Have you every read an ingredients list on your skincare products or even food and you couldn't pronounce it? Chances are it's not good for you. Luckily these deodorant sticks come with an easy-to-read list of ingredients so you know you're on track with a winner product!

Raw Nature's Deodorants are super effective and have a velvety soft texture that spreads easily and is great for on-the-go use. Made from 100% natural origin ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, magnesium and tapioca starch, these deodorants help kill bacteria growth and nourish the skin. 

Whatever you put on the outside of your body goes into your body. That's why all of Raw Nature's ingredients are 100% natural!

Raw Nature Natural Lip Butta Sassy Strawberry Raw Nature Natural Lip Butta Sassy Strawberry

Natural Lip Balm

Raw Nature's Natural Lip Balms are ultra-nourishing and formulated to smooth and hydrate the lips. They are also great as a moisturiser for dry lips or a base for lipstick application. 

These lip balms come in Vanilla, Strawberry, Spearmint, Toffee and Lemon. Our favourite is the Sassy Strawberry. It's a soft, sweet and fruity flavour. 

All lip balms come in an eco-friendly, compostable cardboard push tube. The cardboard tube is 100% compostable at home or industrially and can also usually be recycled in kerbside.

Raw Nature Dry ShampooRaw Nature Dry Shampoo

Natural Hair Products

Good news! Glam hair is achievable without toxic silicones and sulphates — hooray!

If you've experienced hair frizz, you're not alone — we know the struggles of those stray hairs all too well. Not to worry though, Raw Nature's Hair Stick will put those strays back where they belong... And can you believe it only uses five natural and organic ingredients to do it?

If you're making some changes to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we recommend Raw Nature's Dry Shampoo. They revive dull, greasy hair by adding volume and bounce. Try washing your hair less often and switch to dry shampoo in between washes. You'll be saving water and preventing your hair to be stripped of its natural oils. The more you know.  

Raw Nature Natural LotionRaw Nature Natural Lotion

Natural Lotion Sticks & Foot Balm

Would you agree with us when we say that the most beautiful thing you can wear is happy, healthy skin? Our gorgeous Lotion Sticks are here to help you with this and provide a gentle moisture to your skin. Purple Haze has a lovely lavender with sweet sunny orange scent, whilst Warm Vanilla has spicy woody notes of, you guessed it — pure vanilla. To use these sticks, gently push from the bottom of the tube and swipe everywhere!

If you're feet are looking for some extra tender loving care, they'll love this Foot Stick. This solid lotion melts into the skin, leaving behind the right amount of butters and oils on the skin to hydrate and nourish it. Your feet will feel softer than ever.

If you're someone who enjoys hikes, camping or hanging outdoors, we think it's defintely worth investing in a Natural Bug Repellent Balm to keep those bugs at bay.

Raw Nature may be a young brand but our community's reviews, plus awards for their perfume, lip balm and bug repellent attest to the products performance and ingredient integrity.

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