Top 5 Eco-Friendly Travel Products For Your Next Holiday!

Nov 26, 2021by Olivia - F&F

After almost two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we’re all itching to get back out there and explore the big, wide world! Your next holiday might be an overseas trip to New Zealand or Singapore, a Mediterranean cruise, a tropical escape to Queensland, or a road trip within your state or territory. 

Whatever your travel plans look like, Flora & Fauna is here to help you have a fuss-free, eco-friendly holiday with our handy Travel Products! These top five products are guaranteed to make your life easier and reduce your reliance on single-use plastics.

Memobottle Reusable Drink BottlesMemobottle Reusable Drink Bottles

#1: Reusable Water Bottle

Access to clean water is a necessity for any traveller! By thinking ahead and filling up your reusable water bottle, you’ll save yourself time, money and hassle — plus, you’ll be reducing your reliance on single-use plastics! 

Here at F&F, we have a growing range of Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Glass Water Bottles, and Kids Water Bottles. For all-purpose travel needs, we love the BBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle + Carry Cover —  they keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. 

We also love the fantastic memobottle, which is a relatively new item here at F&F. The size of these slim, durable bottles are equivalent to paper. These bottles can slip into any bag, so they’re perfect for on-the-go travel!

Shampoo & Conditioner BarsShampoo & Conditioner Bars

#2: Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 

Solid toiletries are compact, long-lasting, easy to use, and completely waterproof if you store them correctly (no more shampoo/conditioner explosions in your luggage!). Seriously, we can’t recommend them highly enough — especially for camping, and places without shampoo and conditioner. 

Our favourite fuss-free travel option is the ​​Viva La Body Tiny Traveller Haircare Set. These mini sets contain 1 x Mini Shampoo and 1 x Mini Conditioner to suit your hair type! 

To store your haircare bars, we recommend the ​​Amor Luminis Plastic-Free In Shower & Travel Container. This compostable and waterproof container stores two haircare bars and allows you to dry out your bars properly. We also have the Green + Kind Soap Tin, which is waterproof and easy-to-clean.

Reusable CutleryReusable Cutlery

#3: Reusable Cutlery Set

During your travels, you never know when you’ll need a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks or straw — and even a mug, bowl, or plate! Our Reusable Cutlery Sets are fantastic for any type of travel, especially for camping and road trips. 

Our best-selling Green + Kind Bamboo Cutlery Set contains a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw and straw cleaner — all rolled up securely in a handy canvas pouch. If you prefer metal utensils, try out The Retro Kitchen Cutlery Set

Going for a summer camping trip? The EcoSouLife Reusable Camping Set contains a heat-resistant set of camping essentials — including a dinner plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon and knife! If you need extra cutlery, EcoSouLife also have a 3 Piece Reusable Cutlery Set, held together by a sturdy clip.

Natural Hand SanitisersNatural Hand Sanitisers

#4: Natural Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has become such a staple in our society due to the pandemic! As we begin to travel again, we need to remember to keep up these hygienic habits to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Here at F&F, our Hand Sanitisers are super effective at killing germs without the nasty chemicals. They’re packed with natural skin-loving ingredients, so unlike conventional hand sanitisers — they won’t dry your hands out! We have fantastic spray and gel hand sanitisers from Grown Alchemist, Sukin, EO, Dr Bronner’s, Black Chicken Remedies, Zuii Organics, and Absolute Essential

We have different sizes to suit your needs, too — from 50ml, to 236ml all the way up to 500ml.

Flora & Fauna Cleanser & Moisturiser BarsFlora & Fauna Cleanser & Moisturiser Bars

#5: Solid Cleanser & Moisturiser 

Depending on your skincare routine, you’re likely to be packing heavy, full-sized products — like cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturisers when you travel. To save space and lighten the load, why not make the switch to Skincare Bars?

These water-activated cleansers and moisturisers are in bar form, which means they’re long-lasting and mess-free. We absolutely love Ethique’s Zero Waste Skincare Bars — there are full-sized and mini options for cleanser, moisturiser and serum. For Normal to Dry Skin, try out the Ethique Mini Bliss Bar Facial Cleanser and Ethique Mini Saving Face Serum

We also have Viva La Body’s Solid Skincare Bars! This Fresh Face Essentials Pack for Normal to Oily Skin contains a Facial Cleanser, Facial Polish, Water Activated Balancing Day Creme and the Water Activated Night Serum.

Are you ready for your next adventure? These simple eco-friendly swaps are guaranteed to save you money in the long-run and reduce the amount of plastic waste you accumulate on holiday. Aside from the natural hand sanitiser — all of these eco-friendly, ethically-made products can be reused again and again with zero waste! 

If you’re striving to be a more sustainable traveller, check out Flora & Fauna’s Eco-Friendly & Ethical Travel Products. All of these products are selected for their practicality, small size, and light weight — making them perfect for handbags, backpacks and suitcases! 

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