How To Use Ethique Concentrates

Feb 03, 2021by Megan - F&F

Need a refill of your hand soap container, but don't want to purchase another plastic bottle? Not a fan of shampoo and conditioner bars and just prefer liquids? You're in luck! The Ethique Concentrates have just arrived at F&F.

They've got everything you need and don't require purchasing a new bottle everytime you need your hair & body or home essentials. The whole range includes shampoo, conditioner, handwash, body washes, lotions, and sprays - we’ve got you covered in every department!

Ethique Multi-Purpose Kitchen Spray ConcentrateEthique Multi-Purpose Kitchen Spray Concentrate

What are the Ethique Concentrates? 

These bars tick all the boxes for us, being sustainable and palm oil free, certified cruelty-free and vegan, and only made with naturally derived ingredients. Also, for anyone with septic tanks – good news! They are safe for your tanks, and greywater safe. 

These handy little concentrates come in different scents depending on the product. The multi-purpose kitchen spray and bathroom spray are perfect to use around the house, while handwashes, body washes, body lotions, and shampoo and conditioners meet all your needs in the bathroom. 

DIY Cleaning ProductsDIY Cleaning Products

How do they work?

Ethique Concentrates are a concentrated product of what you would normally buy in bar form, so all you need to do is add water and voila! Ready to start making your product? Let’s go!

You'll need:

  • Ethique Concentrate
  • Boiling water 
  • A bowl
  • A Whisk
  • An empty spray bottle, jar, can or anything to store your new Ethique product
How To Use Ethique ConcentratesHow To Use Ethique Concentrates


The first step is to break up the bar along the indented lines into a heat proof bowl. If you want the bar to dissolve quicker, you can chop it up even smaller. 

Make your own shampoo, conditioner and cleaning productsMake your own shampoo, conditioner and cleaning products


Next, pour 300-325ml (depending on the individual product) of boiling water over the bar, and stir until the bar is dissolved and has melted down. Make sure your mixture is well combined before moving on!

How to store your Ethique ConcentratesHow to store your Ethique Concentrates


After your mixture is combined, pour the liquid into the bottle you will be using it in. You can use a glass bottle or reuse a previous container! Set aside to cool down. We’re reusing an empty Ecostore spray bottle for the kitchen spray.

Shake the bottle a few times while it’s cooling to help mix the product up and settle! 

Ethique Concentrates Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoos and conditioners come in formulas for touchy scalps, dry to normal, and oily to normal hair, each with a different scent. The body washes, body lotions, and hand washes come in a variety of scents to suit your personal preference. 

Each bar makes 350g of liquid and comes in certified compostable packaging, with one box of concentrate making one bottle of liquid. They are very simple to make up, and only require a mixing bowl and boiling water to transform into an amazing product! 

The Facts

Did you know? Only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled, and the products in them are typically made up of 70-95% water. We think that’s a huge waste, which is why we love these concentrates, as they save 700ml of water, and one whole plastic bottle from manufacture and disposal into landfill. How amazing!

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