How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

May 25, 2021by Matt - F&F

Avocados are a delicious fruit and can be eaten for brekky, lunch, or dinner! Is there a way you can skip going to the shops to buy them and grow your own? 

Yes, you can grow your own avocado tree from a seed - if you have patience. Here’s how to grow your own avocado tree in 4 simple steps! Try it out and let us know how you go!

Avocado SeedAvocado Seed

Image: Canva

Clean Your Avocado Seed

First of all, you've got to enjoy your amazing avocado! And if you don't eat all of it, you can keep the remainder fresh with our Green + Kind Vegan Food Wraps - Avo. This cute avocado design is only fitting!

After that, give the seed a good rinse under some warm water. This will clean it and prevent any mould from growing. Then allow to fully dry — a few hours to a day should be fine.

Full Circle Tough Sheet Reusable Plant TowelsFull Circle Tough Sheet Reusable Plant Towels

Image: Instagram/ Full Circle

Prepare Your Seed

Wrap your seed in some Paper Towel and run it under some warm water to get it slightly damp. Not too wet that it tears the paper towel, but just enough that it's moist on all sides. 
Maintain your avocado by replacing your paper towel with fresh ones every week, and re-wetting it. This prevents your avocado seed from drying out or moulding.
Store your avocado seed in cupboardStore your avocado seed in cupboard

Image: Canva

Store Your Seed

Now for the patience! Store your wrapped pip in a cool, dark, place like a cupboard or pantry. The darkness helps the seed to sprout roots, looking for a light source.

Check up on your seed every 2-3 days to check if roots have sprouted and remember to replace your paper towel and wet it again if needed. 

Let your avocado seed sproutLet your avocado seed sprout

Image: F&F

Let It Grow!

Once your pip has sprouted roots roughly 10cm long, it’s ready to plant in a pot or the ground. We absolutely love Sow N Sow's Pop Up Pots. Their foldable designs are ready to house a lovely plant with the ease of a quick pop and push. To use, simply plant directly into the pot and the water will drain through the base, allowing plants (and your avo's) to flourish.

Our team member, Liam, has a seed that took about 6 weeks to grow a beautiful, tall stem. After that, it can take a few years to grow fruit. But then, you’ve got your own avocados! How good’s that?! 

If you're into growing your own fruit or vegetables or want to start your own veggie garden, Flora & Fauna have a range of Seeds that you can plant yourself. If you want any Vegan Recipe Books to show you some creative and delicious meals you can check out our range!

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